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25 years of family holidays with Club Mahindra

An award winning, flexible, vacation ownership concept which provides great value and a lifetime of experiences. Simply put, Club Mahindra is the key to India’s best family holidays.

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Why Club Mahindra?

Memories that last for a lifetime. Inflation free holidays. Exclusive family time.

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How to choose an apartment type?

A Club Mahindra membership offers three apartment types – Studio, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom. Choosing the one that works best for you depends on a few simple factors like family size, how many people you usually travel with and the level of privacy you’re looking for.

Studio Apartments

This is our smallest apartment size. It can accommodate two kids below 12 or one above 12, in a spacious sofa cum bed in the living area plus two adults comfortably or offers privacy for one couple.

One Bedroom Apartments

This apartment is significantly larger than a studio. It accommodates four adults comfortably or 2 adults and 2 kids below 12 in the sofa cum bed in a separate living room and offers privacy for one couple.

Two Bedroom Apartments

This is the largest apartment we have to offer for our members. It has the capacity to accommodate up to six adults comfortably and offers privacy for two couples. Perfect for a large family getaway. 

What season works best for you? 

We know how families holiday. So we’ve divided the year into colour coded seasons which you can match with your holiday pattern. 


Purple Season

Purple Season

For those who want the option of travelling any time of year but specifically prefer to travel during festivals, national holidays and events like New Year’s Eve which we classify as exclusive for Purple members.


Red Season

If you prefer holidaying during ‘peak’ season, e.g. school or college vacations, the weeks around festivals, or want the option of holidaying almost through the year a Red season will work well or you.


White Season

These are the weeks that aren’t really peak season, but cannot be classified as off season either. This is a time when most of the regular tourists have gone back to work and there is some measure of peace at most destinations. If this appeals to you, buy White.


Blue Season

Holidaying with the intention of getting some peace and quiet? Or travelling in the monsoons because nature is just magnificent this time year? If you normally look to travel when you know there won’t be too many holidays, the Blue is for you. 


Too many details? Let us work it out.

Whether you’re a young couple or large family or you have grandchildren or want to treat the whole family to a yearly reunion, we have a membership that will work for you.

Click here to find out about various family types that a Club Mahindra membership suits. One size does not fit all and hence we have 12!


Okay. Let’s go.

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