Top 5 Local Street Food in Wayanad
Food - Jul 06, 2018

An Enticing Culinary Experience In Wayanad

Nestled amidst the sublime Western Ghats, in the heart of Kerala, is the tranquil and verdant district of Wayanad. Replete with enchanting forests, a salubrious climate, breathtaking views, lush greenery and rich culture, Wayanad is indisputably the place to be while visiting Kerala along with your family.

The stunning hill station offers some of the very best trekking routes and outback trails for adventure enthusiasts looking for things to do in Wayanad. Besides all this, the local food of Wayanad is also what draws foodies from across the world to this sleepy hamlet.

Wayanad’s delectable food comprises of a unique mix of rich, natural produce and distinctive flavours of authentic Kerala cuisine. Also known as Malabar cuisine, the food culture of the state will definitely satiate your taste buds.

So, on your next family holiday to Wayanad you simply cannot miss a chance to binge on Wayanad’s palatable street food. And, to help your inner foodie embark upon this one-of-a-kind culinary experience, here’s a list of some of the most lip-smacking dishes that Wayanad has to offer.

1. Chemmeen Unda Puttu

Said to be a traditional Kerala dish, Chemmeen Unda Puttu or prawn dumplings is a dish offering the authentic taste of rich spices from the state of Kerala. The immensely healthy dish of Kerala consists of a prawn filling stuffed inside pockets of cakes made out of grated coconut and steamed rice.

2. Malabar Biryani

Being one of the most popular and outstanding dishes from Kerala, it is the perfect meal to spice up your palate. The rice-based dish, which also goes by the name of Thalassery biryani, is a classic delicacy prepared with succulent chicken and rich spices. It’s a truly indulgent feast.

3. Puttu and Beef fry

This delicious Kerala-style preparation is a signature dish of the locals. The beef preparation is served alongside puttu, which is a type of steamed cake. It will definitely tickle your taste buds.

4. Malabar Duck Roast

The Malabar duck roast is another popular dish that allows you to sample the authentic taste of Kerala. The flavoursome dish of Kerala is prepared by cooking a roasted duck in rich gravy filled with several spices, thus offering an intense burst of flavours.

5. Kadala Curry

Prepared from black chickpeas, the kadala curry is a spicy dish of Kerala that will captivate you with its aroma. It is normally served alongside appam and puttu, which only enhances the overall food experience.

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Would like to go for fun after bus tours to maine to see more around me and quite excited to be in Wayanad.

Wow, all the4se dishes I will must try because I am a foodie person. This will be delicious surely. SO after mine
bus tours from chicago to washington dc I will try these.