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Experiences - May 16, 2018

Club Mahindra @ Lake Forest Yercaud

Club Mahindra @ Lake Forest Yercaud

What is special about the destination, Yercaud?

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station tucked away among the magnificent Shevaroy hills, which form a necklace around Salem, a district in Tamilnadu. 

Yercaud, also known as the Jewel of the Shevaroy, can be found at an altitude of 5326 feet above sea level. The natives who still live in cone shaped huts in the higher reaches of the Shevaroy hills called it Yeri Cadu (yeri meaning lake and Cadu referring to the forest).

Welcome to the flavour and scent of exotic flora and fauna, coffee plantations and orange groves. Welcome to the peaceful but vibrant valley town, home to wild life like bison, deer, rabbits, hares, fox, mongoose, patridges, bulbuls and a whole lot more. The towering silver oak trees, wild carpets of colourful flowers, and the hide and seek of sun and mist will refresh your very soul.

Club Mahindra brings you yet another exotic hill destination – Yercaud! Yet another addition to our bouquet of network plus resorts.

The resort is located about a half kilometer away from the Yercaud Lake, and boasts back to the 1800’s, at which point in time it served as a British bungalow. The resort has maintained this heritage look and feel, and lovely antique furniture and fittings are splayed in royal finish and style throughout the resort. The resort is situated in the midst of a live coffee estate. Nostalgia in all its glory!

What are the resort facilities available?


Room Type

1.     Standard Rooms (occupancy only for 2)

Facilities at the Resort

1.      Credit cards accepted

2.      24 hrs security

3.      Restaurant (Traditional & Continental Cuisine)

         Indoor: 8-10 people

         Outdoor (lawn):20-30 people

4.      Laundry

5.      Internet facilities

6.      Library

Amenities – In the Room

1.      Intercom

2.      Geyser

3.      Coat Stand

4.      Extra bed available on request

5.      Mini Refrigerator

6.      Emergency Lamps

7.      Air conditioner - We offer Non AC rooms

8.      Television

NO Kitchenette facility 

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