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Food - Feb 26, 2018

The colorful plate for your palate

It’s like the 1940s again. We’re out with the black and white and in with the colours! But do not forget the whites! You’ll need them. After all, the countless shades of pink, green and blue shine best on white. Finally, the festival we eagerly await, year after year, is here! Holi isn’t just a festival of harvest. It is the occasion where good triumphs over evil. It is the moment when everyone unites to sing and dance beneath colourful clouds. It is a time when people prepare and serve delicious feasts with boundless love. During such a blissful festival, won’t it be great to take a break from your mundane life? Go a little away from home just to find yourself in a home-like atmosphere? Where else would you find such comfort other than Club Mahindra resorts? We’ve placed our resorts at some of the best holiday destinations in India which are suitable for fun family holidays. We also offer ideal places to visit with kids of all ages. Keeping the theme of Holi in mind, exciting activities and games will be organised within the resorts. And to make the festival more memorable, delicious Holi-special meals will be prepared by our chefs. Along with a range of appetising delicacies, our menu will include the following:

Moong Dal Kachauris

This savoury dish is made from soaked Moong dal (Split Green gram) which is then sautéed in coriander powder, Indian ground spices and black pepper. This spicy and crispy snack is paired with an assortment of chutneys.

Dahi Vada

The deep-fried ‘Vadas’ of this dish are made from a batter of Urad dal (Split Black gram) and Moong dal (Split Green gram). Before serving, the Vadas are immersed into the ‘Dahi’ or curd. The dish is topped with Chat masala, chilli and cumin powder and tasty tamarind chutney for flavour.


This deep-fried pancake-like dish is packed with warmth and love. This humble dessert made from all-purpose flour, milk, sugar and a dash of cardamom, can be safely declared as a gift from the Mughals. When having Malpua, cooked by our professional MasterChef’s at Club Mahindra Gir Resort, be prepared to experience a sweet riot in your mouth.


Gujiyas are a preparation of semolina, khoya, sugar and dry fruits. These deep-fried pockets are famous across the country with each culture adding its own twist to the dessert.


Popularly known as Bhang, Thandai is so unique to the festival that it has to be arranged for at every Holi party. This simple looking drink is made from milk, rich dry fruits and a combination of secret spices. And very often, we’ve heard guests appreciating the Thandai served at Club Mahindra resorts.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… so is the way to everyone’s heart! This Holi, plan your family vacations at our resorts and experience the best of fun, frolic and food. It’s time to celebrate the festival of colours with those who add more colour to your life! Read through Club Mahindra reviews by our happy members & know how they enjoyed their family vacations with Club Mahindra.

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