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Experiences - Apr 09, 2018

Enjoy a holiday in the lap of nature at Club Mahindra Ooty

Nestled in the lap of nature in Tamil Nadu, Ooty or Udhagamandalam is one of the most beautiful places in India. Full of lakes, tea plantations, botanical gardens, and various other sights that are pleasing to the eye, this cosy little hill station is a perfect vacation spot.

Where to stay

Ooty has several resorts, hotels, and homestays that provide rooms with excellent views and great food. Thanks to the recent tourism boom, you have a variety of places to choose from. Among them, Club Mahindra in Derby Green is a great option. This resort in Ooty is set right in the heart of the Nilgiris (‘blue mountains’) and offers a wide range of holiday activities. Not only does the resort itself have various beautiful sights, you can also go bird-watching, trekking, or hiking, play indoor games, or take part in adventure sports.

Choose your itinerary

After a scrumptious breakfast, you can prepare for a trek around the hills. It is advisable to take a guide with you as you may spot elephants or big cats on the way. Club Mahindra offers several trekking packages with professional guides, which makes the whole experience convenient and hassle-free.

Trek over, it would be ideal to visit the lovely scenic lakes in Ooty, such as Emerald lake, Avalanche lake, or Pykara lake. Getting to these places should not be difficult because Ooty has a well-connected bus system, besides autorickshaws and taxis. Club Mahindra also offers tour packages which provide transportation.

Then, after a delicious south Indian lunch, proceed to Doddabetta, the highest peak of the Nilgiris. It’s about 10 km from Ooty and the drive there is extremely beautiful, with gorgeous views. If you don’t feel like a road trip, you can always spend the evening bird-watching. The Nilgiris is home to 250 species of birds and there are many bird-watching spots in Ooty.

Other activities

The Botanical Garden is one of the largest sightseeing spots in town, spread over 55 acres, and is an ideal place for bird-watching. Club Mahindra has several options to help you plan and customise holiday activities depending on your interests and the duration of your stay. If you’re planning a longer stay, you can enjoy adventure sports such as rope crossing. Club Mahindra offers a variety of adventure sports that are located within its premises.

Closing thoughts

If you don’t feel like much action and simply want to relax, Ooty is still a great place to unwind and enjoy the serene panoramic views. There’s no need to be active all the time anyway. Go on slow walks, visit plantations around the resort, or just enjoy some fresh coffee. Club Mahindra is the ideal place to do all this – and you can access a variety of spa treatments as well as indulge in leisure activities.

Be treated like never before and experience a vacation that’s more than unique at Club Mahindra Ooty. Visit it to believe it! 


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Really great post for how to spend our holidays and teaching me how to spend my lovely days like where to stay how to choose and what activities we will perform during the enjoyment of holidays. Wish i will be at ClubMahindra :)
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