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Activities - May 09, 2018

Exciting Adventure Activities in Baiguney with Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra Baiguney

Imposing summits and stunning river landscapes mark Baiguney as a supreme sanctuary. Intended to leverage its ecological environments, the Club Mahindra lodge at Baiguney spans 12 stunning river facing acres and is a photographic delight, by way of its gardens, and striking sights and sounds, all planned to deliver a wholesome vacation. While you are Baiguney, here are some activities that may interest you.


1. Chakung

A panoramic view secures Chakung as one of the most spectacular places to visit. Hovering at an elevation of 6000 feet and approximately 45-minute from the Club Mahindra Baiguney, the Durpineydara Lookout point at Chakung, surveys Mt. Kanchendzonga & the Rangeet Valley either side.


2. Phurtsachu

Ornate in legends and folklore, 'PhurTsa Chu' stands on the shore of the Rangeet. You are very likely encounter wayfarers from all over the world, and can connect with them while plunging in the hot spring between January and March. The sacred caverns, where Guru Padhmasambhava is said to have meditated and killed a demon will certainly pique your interest.


3. Samdruptse

Interpreted as ‘wish-fulfilling hill’ in the Bhutia etymology, Samdrupste sits close to South Sikkim’s Namchi. Its appeal rests in what stands above it, specifically, an exceptional effigy of Guru Padamasambhava towering 135-feet high.


4. Namchi

Namchi stays true to its name unswervingly. Translated as ‘top of the sky’, this peak has an unparalleled line of sight of the Rangit Valley and the Khanchendzonga Range. The ancient, yet striking Ngadak monastery is merely a 2-kilometre journey from there. However, It’s not just the air that’s scarce. While you advance in height, on a peak on top of the monastery is a Rock Garden, which blossoms with extremely uncommon flowers and plants.


5. Temi Tea Garden

Lounging like a bedsheet on a calm hill gradient that embarks at the Tendong Hill, Temi gives you a wonderful view of the adjoining hamlets. These estates are host to one of the finest teas in the global markets.


6. Kalimpong

With an altitude of a stagering 1250 m above sea level, it is taken for granted, that the view at Kalimpong is as mesmerising as it is. Kalimpong offers trekkers many exciting photographic opportunities, other than Mt. Khanchendzonga. Numerous monasteries as well as a Kali temple along the way make the trip more than worth your while. Commendable sojourns include the souvenir centre, Dr. Graham's home, & the Tibetan Monastery.


7. Khecheopalri

Tucked away behind a abundantly wooded forests, Khecheopalri Lake stretch out 25 kilometres from Pelling. It is a sacred place for Hindus & Buddhist alike.

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