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Travel - May 09, 2018

Explore Exotic Dubai with Club Mahindra!

Deserts are usually all about the sun, sand and sheikhs. But there is more to this city, after the turn of the millennium saw it turn into an amalgamation of glamour, sass and riches. Called by some people as the modern gateway to the East, Dubai is not only known as a shopping destination but also the party capital of the Gulf, with an influx of people from nearly all cultures into this Emirate, as it is called. With countless things to sightsee, sample, experience and immortalize in one’s memories, Dubai is indeed a one-stop destination for all kinds of tourists and travellers alike.


And where else to stay in Dubai but in Club Mahindra’s Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments?

Styled eloquently and located in the midst of a sprawling residential complex in the Bur Dubai locality, Arabian Dreams aims

to offer you the most comfortable option of accommodation for the duration of your visit, be it a day or even a week. The hotel is modelled quaintly alongside Art-deco style, with minimalist colours that keep your rooms airy and cool even during the worst of heat.


The rooms, available in variable types (1–2 BRK) are done aesthetically, but are laden with all the comforts that anyone could possibly need, with a fully equipped kitchen, TV set, Wi-Fi and so on. The proximity of the hotel to both dining places as well as a department store ensure that all of your needs outside of the room are taken care of.


Besides its material comforts, the travel desk at Arabian Dreams is well-prepared to facilitate all of the tours that sightseeing enthusiasts among you are eager to embark on. They can be contacted to find you the best tour operators and deals for several must-do items on your itinerary, such as the Dhow Cruise, the Desert Safari, A trip atop the Burj Khalifa and even out-of-city visits to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or Ferrari World.


But should you be the type to explore on your own, there is a lot you can do. With ready taxis available outside and the nearest Dubai Metro station being just 5 minutes away, moving around Dubai will only be easier!


While the prospect of the heat and the sun may worry you, Dubai can be a heavenly place to be in the winter months of November-February, with the chilly wind and fine sunshine letting you walk for miles without hailing a cab or even having to stop for a drink!

And should you be eager to plan your next summer sojourn in Dubai, walk right into the office and look into some of the best Club Mahindra membership fees and gift yourself a vacation of a lifetime.

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