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Destination - May 14, 2018

Lose Yourself In The Serenity Of Dharamshala

How often do you get the time to be lost in the freshness of lush green forests? How often do you feel mesmerized hearing the chirping of birds? If you haven’t experienced the same in a while, then you should plan a trip to Dharamshala. The moment you step into this place, you will be welcomed by its fresh air and breath-taking natural beauty. Its unwinding roads will direct you to the spots perched in the lap of nature, ideal to escape the humdrum of everyday life. Monasteries, temples, unwinding roads, and pristine natural beauty, everything about this place is a treat to vacationers.


Dharamshala is best travelled on foot. You can learn about the local culture and interact with people as you wander about the streets. There are a number of monasteries that you can pay a visit to; one of the famous being the Norbulingka Monastery. Participate or observe the monks chant at the time of their daily prayers, which is usually at 4 pm in the evening. It is a feeling close to nirvana to hear them chant in unison. There is also an institute around the monastery where you can see different activities happening such as wood painting, crafting, and others by the Tibetans themselves.  


Travellers come here for different reasons such as learning yoga or Ayurveda, participating in Buddhist meditation, or teaching English lessons to the monks here. Many people also come to pay a visit to his Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Dharamshala has as many temples as the monasteries. The Bhagsunag Temple is an ancient temple where many pilgrims come to worship Lord Shiva every year.

Plan a short visit to the Kareri Dal Lake set amidst beautiful surroundings. Sit by the lakeside and spend some time reflecting back on your life. You can also plan a small picnic here or go for boating. This is also a common spot from where trekkers head to the nearby mountains. There is also a Kali-Shiva temple on the other side of the banks.


You cannot miss out on the delicacies in Dharamshala such as the steamy momos and hot thukpa. There are many cafes here where you can simply relax and read your favourite book alongside an invigorating cup of tea or coffee. This hill station is one of the best places to purchase artistic things such as the beautiful Tibetan carpets, prayer bells, handicrafts such as wooden carvings, and the woollen shawls that are worth a buy. Dharamshala is truly one of those places where you can lose yourself in its serenity. Fortunately for Club Mahindra members, there is a Dharamshala resort here that offers lavish stay will several amenities and warm hospitality. Have a look at Club Mahindra reviews of Dharamshala & know what our delighted members have to say about Dharamshala resort.

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