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Experiences - Jun 06, 2018

Make Most Of RCI With Club Mahindra Membership

Timeshare makes vacationing wonderful and amazing. With this, you get the opportunity to own suites in gold crown resorts or lavished condominiums for a fixed duration every year. Moreover, you get to immerse yourselves in the comfort and elegance of luxury amenities that make the vacation experience truly memorable.

Club Mahindra offers vacation ownership options that allow you to book a resort room at any of its 42 resorts located at exotic locations around the country. Be it a beach, forest destination, nature-trek or a hill-station, you will enjoy the same kind of hospitality, comfort, and luxury at each resort. Furthermore, in addition to basking in these luxurious havens, Club Mahindra also conducts several workshops and activities to keep you thrilled and engaged. There is never a dull moment.

For such fun-loving individuals who seek change and exclusivity in their every vacation experience, Club Mahindra offers an exclusive facility of exchanging a week-slot of timeshare holidays at any of its resorts with international resorts through RCI.

What is RCI?

RCI stands for Resort Condominium International; it is a holiday exchange program exclusively available for timesharing memberships. With over two million members registered with it, it is one of the largest holiday exchange networks that lets you exchange your holidays with any of the 6300 resorts available with different timesharing companies around the world.

Club Mahindra offers complimentary RCI membership of 2 years with every vacation ownership package. Under RCI, you are able to avail two kinds of holidays

Standard exchange: under this exchange, you will be required to deposit your vacation week slot for the present year with RCI to avail a resort booking

Bonus Week: Under this, you are able to buy a week without having to deposit any of your vacation week from membership.

How will you benefit with RCI?

You can book a resort in foreign countries in exchange of your yearly allocated vacation time depending on the availability of resorts, types of membership package, the type of accommodation you own, the season which you own, and the points allocated to you by the timeshare company. RCI membership will make your vacation experience truly unforgettable at a reasonable price; here are a few tips to go about it.

  1. Most of the Club Mahindra resorts have been awarded Gold Crown award, they include resorts at Ashtamudi, Binsar valley, Cherai Beach, Corbett, Dharamshala, Emerald Palms-Goa, Derby Green-Ooty, Gir, Kanatal, Gangtok, Kumarakom, Kumbhalgarh, Madikeri, Munnar, Mashobra, Manali, Poovar, Mussoorie, Naukuchiatal, Virajpet, Varca Beach, Udaipur, and Thekkady. Thus, you are able to earn higher points with them. By using the points earned, you will be able to seek a similar standard resort at any destination of your choice, depending on the availability. This is not easily possible with regular resort bookings. To seek more information, check out the Club Mahindra resort reviews by our happy members.
  2. Resort suites are available on per-night basis instead of the standard week-slots of time-share. Thus, you can book a suite for a small exchange fee, without having to pay the extravagant fees of accommodation.
  3. As you are exchanging a week of gold crown resorts, you will get first preference to book resorts of similar quality. For that, you do not have to pay any kind of extra reservation fees.
  4. Moreover, with RCI, you will be able to avail all luxury amenities available at the exchanged resorts. Thus, you can enjoy flexibility and indulge yourself in a variety of offerings.

Read through these Club Mahindra reviews & know what our happy members have to say about Club Mahindra resorts.

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I also want to have a membership of Mahindra club because going there to have more fun after bus tours from las vegas to west coast for more adventure.

You have shared nice stuff about RCI which is really informative. I will share this nice stuff with my uncle who will like this a lot and this will prove really nice for him to get. So will share with him as he will be back from his bus tours from los angeles.

I want to know membership cost of Red season ..

Let me know membership fee for white category.