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Experiences - May 09, 2018

Mesmerizing Points to Visit with Your Family in Mahabaleshwar

For family vacations, there are three major points of interest in Mahabaleshwar—juicy strawberries, the serene Venna Lake, and gorgeous viewpoints. This guide will tell you about some interesting and mesmerizing viewpoints to visit in this hill station.


1. Wilson Point

Enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset with your significant other at Wilson Point, also known as Sunrise Point. Named after Sir Leslie Wilson, the former Governor of Bombay, it’s the highest spot in Mahabaleshwar.


2. Lodwick Point

This point boasts a spectacular view along with a monument dedicated to General Lodwick, the first person to visit the place in 1824. Your kids will surely enjoy the local guide’s story of how General Lodwick found this point.


3. Elphinstone Point

The Elphinstone Point is named after Sir Elphinstone, another former Governor of Bombay. It was discovered in the early 18th Century by Dr. Murray. The view from the point is truly picture-perfect.


4. Arthur’s Seat

This family vacation, go on a trek with your loved ones to Arthur’s Seat. This lovely place has huge stratified rocks and is named after Sir Arthur Malet. From here, you get a panoramic view of the entire Jor Valley. Do remember to carry some lunch with you as this is also a lovely spot for a picnic with the kids.


5. Echo Point

This point is equally fascinating to visit for kids and adults. Just like the name suggests, it’s a place where you can hear echoes. So, enjoy hearing nature repeating after you, as you shout out each other’s’ names!


6. Needle Hole Point

The point has been named after a nearby rock formation that is in the shape of a needle. Don’t forget to get your kids to pose for photographs with the rock formation in the background.


7. Monkey Point

This is a nice place to visit while on a family vacation. Monkey Point gets its name from the rock formations that resemble the three monkeys of Gandhiji. It is also the perfect opportunity to tell your kids about the freedom struggle and Gandhiji’s role in it as well as the meaning of the three monkeys.

Some other fascinating points to visit while on your family vacation to Mahabaleshwar are:

• Kate's Point

• Carnac Point

• Falkland Point

• Mumbai Point

• Helen’s Point


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