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Experiences - May 07, 2018

The Most Sought After Club Mahindra Resorts!

For all of the connotations of relaxing and peacefulness, pitching yourself as the right holiday destination is a serious business. Most people around the world who look for an ideal vacation are very particular about their needs and wants, which often include the most specific of requests and requirements. One such aspect that often ranks at the top of tourists’ list is a commendable level of performance at the overall level, something that most successful chains of holiday resorts worldwide have been able to reasonably live up to. True to this aspect, Club Mahindra too attempts to keep up a benchmark worthy of excellence and acclaim, evident in five of its most sought-after properties across India and overseas, namely:


Mount Serene Munnar

Located in the misty hills of Munnar, this resort is a member favorite since its inception. Right from its ethereal location overlooking the green-capped tea plantations, to its quaintly done infrastructure that will have patrons relaxing for hours in the balcony, the resort is as close to flawless as one can get. With a sprawling area devoted to recreation and regular tours to natural and commercial attractions in and around Munnar, Mount Serene is arguably the king of Club Mahindra!


Club Mahindra Binsar Valley

One of the hidden gems in the Garhwal Region, Binsar may be unassuming due to the lack of tourist activity. However its tall deodars, picturesque views of the Himalayas and chilly breeze make it the perfect refuge for a hermit in the heart of Uttarakhand. While the resort itself is a sprawling expanse with its own spin-off of Villas, the accommodation and hospitality have kept members warm and cared for since years, a characteristic of everything Uttarakhand stands for!


Club Mahindra Varca, Goa

One of its more glamorous properties, Varca Beach provides those looking for some surf-and-turf with the perfect kind of environment to let their hair down, embrace the sun and frolic in the sand. With its own shack and souvenir shop, it lets you take back some memories as the multiple dining options and beach keep you glued to the experience right till when you must absolutely get back to real life.


Club Mahindra Ashtamudi

With the backwater experience calling people by the hundreds to it each year, Ashtamudi is no different. Situated close to the ‘lake of eight corners’, the resort is a slice of the original Southern way of living. This is evident right from the deliciously ethnic food to the houseboats on the lake and backwaters that will leave you spellbound and seduced by the sheer power of nature.


Club Mahindra Virajpet, Coorg

Located deep within the jungles of Kodagu, the Virajpet resort is a giant resting among the trees. Right from the spacious row-houses to the large expanse devoted to swimming, bird-watching and strolling it the private garden, this resort gives patrons the complete package, right from cuisine suited to every taste to tours of the markets in and around Virajpet and Coorg, all while you lose yourself in the mystical greenery around this district.


To fully avail the best of the activities and facilities, check out Club Mahindra membership fees online and promise yourself a vacation for the next 25 years.

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