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Let’s look at a few examples:

a. Mid 30s, married, with kid/s under 12?

Getting a holiday must be difficult. Managing office or house work, your spouse and your kid or kids is absolutely a full time job. You need a holiday. But then there’s managing leave and the kid’s school time. So your ideal time to holiday will be during vacations.
The season that fits you best is Red. The apartment size that fits you best is a One Bedroom. You get privacy for a couple and the kids get plenty of space.

b. Children all grown up and starting their own family?

This is the time you can reclaim all the years of hard work and sacrifice. Explore the country at a leisurely pace with the comfort of Club Mahindra. The best part is your kids and grandkids and?  travel with you, but only if you want.You could pick up a White membership and a studio apartment would be just right for you. And there’s always the option of upgrading seasons and rooms in case you want to travel with family or friends.  

c. Like option a. but you’re not restricted to school and college vacations.

On the other hand, festival time and events like new years are the perfect time for you to holiday.A Purple membership would work well for you. If you travel with just your kids then studio apartment works fine. But if you want to travel with about 5 or more people, a Two Bedroom should give you all the space you need