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We know family holidays

Since 1996 we've been perfecting and delivering the happiest family holidays. When you holiday with us you get to focus completely on your family while we take very good care of everything else.

You really do save money.

Now when you compare the cost of a one-off holiday with the costs of membership, even when you break it down to a per week number, you’ll probably feel that you’re not saving much.

Say, you’re spending about Rs. 6000 per night for a room on a double occupancy basis. A seven night holiday comes up to Rs.42,000 plus taxes. And these rates change every year.

When you buy a Club Mahindra membership for a studio in the red season which lets you holiday in peak seasons and off-peak seasons you pay Rs.499,000. Which means that the per year accommodation cost for a whole week of holidays is Rs. 19,960. Add approximately Rs.10,500 for maintenance and your total per year expenditure is Rs.30,460 which turns out to be an approximate Rs. 11,540 saved per year.

If you continued spending Rs.42,000 and even if you consider that room rates remain the same, you would have spent Rs.499,000 in about 11 years! Here, for that amount you get 25 years of holidays!

But when you compare the numbers, like we’ve shown, you see that the amount you’ve paid to effectively pre-book your holidays for 25 years is recovered in less than half that time! The recurring cost you have to pay is maintenance or as we call it, the Annual Subscription Fee. You’re probably thinking this is too good to be true. With nearly two decades of experience in providing family holidays we should know. We just have some very smart people who have managed to figure out how to make this work.

There’s always room.

With 45 resorts at some of the most beautiful location across the country and abroad, you’ll find the type of holiday you’re looking for.