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Plans and book holidays

When can I take my first Club Mahindra holiday?

Your membership fee payable to Club Mahindra comprises of a non-refundable Admission Fee (AF) and an Entitlements Fee (EF). An application for membership is recognized or gains admission to Club Mahindra on realization of 15% of the admission fee.

A member opting for payment of down payment of more than 30% and above of the membership fee (product price), the membership usage period shall commence within one month from the end of the month after admission as a member.

The membership usage period for members who are opting to pay the down payment of less than 30% of the membership fee (product price) shall commence as under:

Members opting for 6 month installment plan2 months from the end of the month after admission as a member
Members opting for 12 month installment plan3 months from the end of the month after admission as a member
Members opting for 24 month installment plan6 months from the end of the month after admission as a member
Members opting for 36 month installment plan7 months from the end of the month after admission as a member
Members opting for 48 month installment plan9 months from the end of the month after admission as a member

How do I book my Holidays?

Log in on the Home page of the website

If you have not previously registered, then use your membership number in the username and create your password.

On logging in , you will be directed to your own dashboard.

Use the My Bookings tab to make your reservations online. Follow the tips on the right hand side to complete the booking process.

You can make bookings for the primary member, co applicant, guests and direct dependents. You can also make bookings for your Special offer and Holiday Gift Voucher

Alternately you may mail to is our email address set up exclusively for you to make our bookings.

To get queries answered by a Holiday Advisor. Call Club Mahindra at 1860-210-1111.

If you are in the following cities, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune just dial 1860-210-1111 like a local call to connect to our Member Experience Management Center. If you are calling from any other city, please call the same number but add the STD code of the city that is closest to yours from the list given above.

Please note our Member Experience Management Center business timings: 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM, Monday through Saturday and Closed on Sunday and National Holidays.


About RCI

What is RCI and when can I take my first RCI holiday?

RCI is a holiday exchange network with over 2 million members, across the world. Our affiliation to RCI also lets you access the RCI exchange network, which includes over 4300+ resorts across the world. Club Mahindra offers a complimentary RCI membership which is valid for a limited period. Please refer your welcome letter for validity of your complimentary RCI membership. Your RCI enrollment will be processed on realization of the down payment of the AF.

After your enrollment is complete (within 45 days), you will receive your RCI Membership Kit, with your personalised number from RCI. This kit will also have all the relevant details on how to use your RCI membership.

How do I take my holiday with RCI?

There are 2 types of RCI holidays:

    Standard exchanges for which you need to deposit (exchange) your entitlement week from your membership.

    Bonus week holidays. In this case, you simply buy the week without depositing your week.

You will be required to provide the following details:

    Your RCI membership number.

     Multiple choices of destinations and dates you would like to holiday in.

     Your credit card number - to book space or to start a search for a preferred destination.

You may also make payments by demand draft. The search/booking in this case however, starts only after the payment has been realised.

To book your RCI holidays, call on

    1800 419 2131

    1800 419 2582

For more details please log on to Please address your emails to

Note : There is an exchange fee that RCI charges, which needs to be paid along with your request. This fee will vary depending on the type of exchange, season & apartment type of the confirmed holiday.

If you don't get your holiday immediately confirmed, it is best to place your request in 'Search'.


About Gifts/Fee

How do I gift my Club Mahindra holiday to my friend?

If you do not plan to holiday in a particular year, you can gift / rent your weeks / days. This privilege is subject to payment of guest fees / charges and such terms and conditions as may be specified by MHRIL from time to time. Your immediate family members – parents, spouse and children (up to 25 years of age) are excluded from the payment of guest fees / charges. However it is expressly understood that MHRIL does not undertake to rent out the Week or any portion thereof. The authorized person in whose favour confirmation voucher is issued shall produce the proof of identity on request from MHRIL.


Maximum of 2 bookings can be done in a calendar year.

High demand periods will not be open for guest bookings.

Login to member section at for further details.

What is the Annual Subscription Fee and when do I pay it?

Your Annual Subscription Fee (ASF) is used to maintain the resorts and all its amenities and to provide timely services and better interaction to you so that you can better enjoy your holiday.

Irrespective of usage of your entitlement, your first ASF is due on your Holiday Start Date.

The ASF may be revised from time to time based on Consumer Price Index / Wholesale Price Index. The ASF is subject to Service Tax as applicable.

(You can now use the convenient online payment facility (website / IVRS) to pay your ASF. Remember to keep your ASF payments up to date if you wish to holiday. If you wish to advance your holiday entitlements, remember you will need to pay your ASF upfront).



What documents should I carry with me when checking in?

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will get a confirmation voucher and a factfinder link of the resort that you will be holidaying at through email. Furnishing the confirmation voucher, your membership card and photo identity card is a must at the time of check in.

Note: It is advisable to carry the factfinder with you. It contains all the relevant information from how to get there, to which facilities and activities you can avail of once you reach.

Are pets allowed at the resorts?

Sorry, pets are not allowed at the resorts.


Trading Power

When you deposit your Week with RCI, it is given a value, which we call its TRADING POWER. You are entitled to exchange your Week for another, which has a similar Trading Power.

Determining the value of Vacation Weeks across the year in thousands of resorts in over 101 countries is not easy. At RCI, we have developed our Fair Exchange Program, which aims to provide like-for-like, quality Vacation Exchanges to nearly 3.2 million member families.


Determining trading power

The Trading Power of each Week you deposit with RCI is based on 5 factors:

    1. How early you have deposited your Week in the RCI pool ?
    2. The season in which your Week falls
    3. The size of the accommodation you own
    4. The demand for the area where your Home Resort is located
    5. The quality rating of your resort

How early you have deposited your Week in the RCI pool ?

The earlier you deposit a Week, the GREATER the value it has in the RCI Weeks Exchange Program. For example, a deposit made 2 years in advance has a higher value than a deposit made only 2 months prior to the start date of the deposited Week.

The season in which your Week falls

All RCI-affiliated resorts around the world have had their occupancy seasons divided into three time bands: RED, or the peak season; WHITE, or the ‘shoulder’ season between peak and off-peak; and BLUE, or the off-peak season. When making holiday exchange requests, you can request a Week that is either in the SAME time band as yours, or a LOWER time band.

Within a time band, the value of a Week is influenced by peaks and troughs. For instance, your resort may have a RED time band from October to December. However, within this, if there are peak holiday periods around Diwali and Christmas, these Weeks will be accorded a higher Trading Power in the RCI Trading System.

The size of the accommodation you own

Resort accommodation is assessed in two ways by RCI: 1.the NUMBER OF ROOMS in the unit with direct access to bathrooms 2.the MAXIMUM NUMBER of people the unit can accommodate — e.g., you may have a one bedroom unit, but it may accommodate up to four persons because there are additional sleeping arrangements in the living room.

The demand for the area where your Home Resort is located

RCI carefully monitors and compares data resort-by-resort and area-by-area for the supply, demand and usage for each of the Vacation Weeks available at each of its affiliated resorts round the year. The higher the relative demand for the Week you own, the higher its Trading Power.

The quality rating of your resort

We believe that our members are best qualified to provide an objective view of their Vacation Exchange. Which is why we ask you to fill out a Comment Card on your return from your holiday. We ask you to rate the resort in categories ranging from the service provided to the quality of accommodation. We then compile and analyze the results to arrive at a quality rating for the resort. High scores increase Trading Power.

While the season of your Vacation Week and the size of the unit you own is fixed, and the demand for and the quality rating of your Resort is not within your control, there is one factor that you can determine: the time of deposit. The earlier you deposit your Week with us, the better the holiday options we can give you.

And remember, depositing is FREE!


4 Easy steps to your dream holiday

    1. Deposit the Week(s) you wish to exchange
    2. Decide on the type of holiday you'd like
    3. Request your exchange
    4. Receive confirmation

Deposit the Week(s) you wish to exchange

To deposit your Vacation Week, call the RCI Member Helpline at +9180-41134444, +91124-4040707 or +9122-56924545.

When you make your deposit, have handy your:

    RCI Membership ID number
    Resort Name

Remember, the earlier you deposit, the higher the Trading Power of your Week(s), and the greater the priority that your exchange request will receive. So even if you are not sure of your exchange plans, deposit your week now so that when you do come to make your Exchange later, it will have a higher priority.

You can make your deposit from 24 months to 14 days before the start of your Week(s). You don't need to pay any fee when you deposit your Week with RCI.

However, you need to make sure to pay your Home Resort the maintenance charges according to our contract with them, before you deposit your Week with RCI.

When you deposit, we check your ownership records to ensure that your RCI Membership is valid for the year for which you deposit your Week(s) or intend to take your holiday. If your membership is valid, we put your deposited Week(s) in the RCI pool.

We will send you a Deposit Acknowledgement Form for each Week deposited, which will also have the ‘use by’ date by when you need to take your exchange.

Decide on the type of holiday you'd like

    Choose your destination and resorts

    Decide when you would like to take your holiday

    Be flexible

When making requests, the more options of resorts and dates you give, the more chances you have of receiving an early confirmation. Tell us if you can accept a lower occupancy than that of the unit you own — this increased flexibility will give you extra choice. You can request dates which are in the same or lower time band than the Week(s) you have deposited.

Request your exchange

You can request your exchange by calling the RCI Member Helpline at +9180-41134444, +91124-4040707 or +9122-56924545. Keep ready:

    Your RCI Membership ID number

    Details of the Week(s) you have deposited or plan to deposit

    Activities and areas that interest you

    A selection of dates on which you can travel

    Your credit card details

A standard exchange can be requested as early as 24 months or as late as 2 days before you plan to travel.

We fulfill your holiday exchange:

    by automatically matching and confirming your request against what is available in the RCI pool. In this case, written Exchange Confirmations are sent out to you within two weeks.

    should a match not be immediately found (either because the Trading Power of the Week you are depositing is not sufficient, or because your requested space has not been deposited by other members), simply ask one of our friendly RCI Guides to ADD A REQUEST with the requisite fee for you. Our system will then search for your requested space until 21 days before the start date of your planned Week in the hope that what you want may become available.

Please note that you can choose to travel any time up to 12 months before the start date of your deposited Week, and up to 24 months after.

Receive confirmation

Subject to availability, exchanges booked by credit card are confirmed immediately, but if you wish to pay by demand draft, your request will be processed on receipt of the payment. We issue separate written confirmations for each Vacation Week confirmed. Information on the resort, including check-in times, how to reach the resort, accommodation and area details, is also provided. Please ensure that you receive confirmation of your Exchange Vacation before you book your airline tickets or make any other travel arrangements.


Floating time

If you do not own a specific Week at a particular resort, but rather a Week in a specified time band within one resort or across multiple resorts owned by your resort developer, you have what we call FLOATING TIME.

In that case, before requesting an exchange, you should contact your OWN resort developer as early as possible and request them to deposit a Week in the RCI pool.

Charges Applicable.


Returning a deposited week

A week once banked with RCI cannot be taken back / debanked by the member.



A cancellation fee of   Rs. 1,750 will be charged if a Member cancels a confirmed holiday at least 45 days in advance of the start date of the confirmed Week. You can also get your Week back to utilise at a later date. For cancellations done less than 45 days in advance, there will be no refund.

This cancellation policy is applicable only on Standard Exchanges.



What is DAE?

Dial An Exchange is a members club for owners of any kind of holiday property to facilitate flexible exchange holidays with other club members.

How do I book my Special offer with DAE? is our website address set up exclusively for you to make your bookings also You could contact our call centre on 080- 49017400.

Do we have a time limit to confirm a holiday?

Yes, each and every offer is valid till an expiry date, which will be mentioned in the Welcome Letter.

How early should I make my holiday booking?

You can make your reservations from as early as 60 days to as late as 1 day before your holiday.

Can I cancel the holiday once confirmed with DAE?

No, cancellations are not allowed for CMH special offer weeks.

What is the contact no for DAE?

DAE-India – 080 49017400

What are the working hours of DAE?

Monday – Friday 09:00AM to 06:00PM

Saturday – 09:30AM to 01:30PM 

Do DAE has website?

Yes, we do please log on to 

*Any amendments (or) recredit of holidays against Gift Voucher & Special offer (Complimentary holidays for members) booking is not allowed. The same will be treated as cancellations. Cancellation policy is applicable only for Regular holidays(holidays using the Annual entitlement of 7 days)

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