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Travel - Apr 24, 2020

6 Ways to Turn Your Household Chores into Fun Family Activities!

With the Coronavirus lockdown well under way, most of us have gotten very familiar with ou... Read More

Travel - Mar 03, 2020

International Travel 101 – The first-time traveller’s checklist!

What are some of the things you should keep in mind on your first international travel? ... Read More

Travel - Jan 06, 2020

10 places in Himachal Pradesh to make your holiday 10 times memorable!

If there is heaven on earth, it’s perhaps nestled in the faraway state of Himachal Pradesh. Jag... Read More

Travel - Jan 06, 2020

For the Love of the Gram

With every scroll, swipe, ‘oooh’, ‘aaah’ and double click, we get a little more drawn int... Read More

Travel - Dec 24, 2019

How to bring the ‘Maja’ back into your holidays!

Live maja-ma, love maja-ma, laugh maja-ma! Our motto here at Club Mahindra, modified just for you... Read More

Travel - Dec 20, 2019

Tales of History and Mystery – Voyage the Past with Finland Tourism

Lighthouse in Kvarken

With a land so ancient and bright, there is much lef... Read More

Travel - Dec 13, 2019

Club Mahindra’s MD & CEO and Chairman take us behind the scenes of India’s largest vacation ownership company

Holidays are serious business when you’re Mr. Kavinder Singh, MD & CEO of Mahindra Holidays... Read More

Travel - Nov 18, 2019

The Definitive Shimla Travel Guide: Recommendations to help you plan your holiday

Shimla is dreamy and divine. Gorgeous peaks, crisp mountain air and charming residents make this ... Read More

Travel - Nov 15, 2019

The Ultimate Udaipur Travel Guide: All the information you need

Forts, palaces, large public gardens, shaded alleys between houses, the residents’ colourful at... Read More

Travel - Nov 15, 2019

The top points to note about Udaipur tourism

The historic city of Udaipur has always held a special fascination for tourists. It offers y... Read More

Travel - Nov 15, 2019

The Top Coorg Tourist Places you must visit: We compile a list

Coorg is on the list of every person who wishes to holiday in a picturesque location that has a p... Read More

Travel - Nov 15, 2019

The best tips to get the most out of Shimla tourism

If there is paradise on Earth, then Shimla is probably it. Several generations of tourists swear ... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2019

The Best Shimla Tourist Places you must visit this year

Shimla is known as the ‘Queen of Indian Hill Stations’. It was first discovered as a summer v... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2019

Quick trip to Udaipur? Check out these best Udaipur Tourist Places

Most people visit the State of Rajasthan for a longish holiday. After all, it is a vast State wit... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2019

How to reach Udaipur: We tell you!

Udaipur is one of India’s grandest, most feted cities. It offers a heady mix of history and con... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2019

How to reach Shimla: Our guide for your holiday in the hills

Dreamy, tranquil, cold and wistful - there are many adjectives that describe Shimla, but none com... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2019

How to Reach Jaipur: Our Definitive Guide

Jaipur figures on the must-visit list of many travellers – and with good reason. A charming cit... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2019

How to reach Coorg: We tell you all you need to know

Coorg, a hill station in Karnataka, has become a hot favourite among holiday goers for its calm a... Read More

Travel - Nov 12, 2019

15 Best GOA Tourist Places You Should Not Miss

With its laidback vibe, easy-going local residents, delicious cuisine, and so many places to expl... Read More

Travel - Nov 12, 2019

Parties, Exploration, Soul-Searching: The Best Things to Do in GOA

There are few places as exciting and enchanting as Goa. Just think about it – Goa has practical... Read More

Travel - Nov 08, 2019

Goa Tourism: 14 Things Every Solo Traveller Should Keep in Mind

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the number of people opting to travel solo i... Read More

Travel - Aug 08, 2019

It’s easy to see why the Portuguese fell in love with Diu

Read More

Travel - Jun 04, 2019

Activities to Indulge in During Vacation at Arabian Dreams Resort in Dubai

In recent years, Dubai sitting smack-bang in the Middle East, has turned into a tourist haven. An... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2019

How Vacation Ownership Helps to Save on Annual Holidays

Most of us are so busy immersed in our daily routines that we even lose consciousness of wanting ... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2019

Make Your International Trip Possible with RCI

Vacations are certainly the best part of the year for most of us. With work taking a toll on our ... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2019

Why an Off-Season Trip Is Best For Travel?

With constant workload and stress building up almost every day, a vacation is something everyone ... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2019

Own your Vacation- The Club Mahindra Way

Vacationing is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Whether you frequent a destination again... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2019

Why does one need to take a vacation once in a while?

When was the last time you went on a holiday? Or did you just plan one but never went for it? Our... Read More

Travel - Apr 25, 2019

Find Out Why You Should Consider Taking Road Trips In India

Have you ever pondered upon taking a road trip in India and making it a month long or a fortnight... Read More

Travel - Apr 15, 2019

Your guide to planning the perfect trip with friends this holiday

Adventure travel is a huge part of everyone’s life today and planning a great trip with friends... Read More

Travel - Mar 12, 2019

Club Mahindra Reviews on Binsar Villa Resort in Uttarakhand- Club Mahindra Resorts

A picturesque hill station in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Binsar is a traveller’s dream c... Read More

Travel - Mar 12, 2019

Club Mahindra Reviews on Kumarakom Resort in Kerala- Club Mahindra Resorts

A trip to God’s own country can never go wrong because Kerala is the perfect place for some muc... Read More

Travel - Mar 12, 2019

Club Mahindra Reviews on Naukuchiatal Resort in Uttarakhand- Club Mahindra Resorts

Named after the Naukuchiatal Lake, Naukuchiatal is a small hill station in Uttarakhand. Also know... Read More

Travel - Feb 15, 2019

7 Books You Can Read to Your Children When You Travel

How often do you travel in a year? For families with kids who are just about to start school or c... Read More

Travel - Jan 02, 2019

Top 5 Places To Visit In India That Will Redefine Your Travel Goals

Travelling is an activity that involves different things for different people. While some of us t... Read More

Travel - Dec 17, 2018

Explore the Lesser Known Tourist Place of Udaipur - Shilpgram

Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is considered to be one of the most romantic holiday destinat... Read More

Travel - Nov 30, 2018

Five Places To Break-Free From Everyday Life

The daily grinding routines take a toll on both physical and mental health. You wake up, slog at ... Read More

Travel - Nov 24, 2018

How to Reach Jaisalmer from Jodhpur by Road and Rail

It is possible for first-time visitors to Jaisalmer to mistake the town for a desert mirage; such... Read More

Travel - Nov 24, 2018

How to Reach Jodhpur from Jaipur by Road, Rail or Air

The colourful state of Rajasthan has always been a major tourist attraction. Travellers from acro... Read More

Travel - Nov 24, 2018

5 Places to Visit Near Club Mahindra Affiliate Resort in Jodhpur

Jodhpur in Rajasthan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The ‘Sun City’... Read More

Travel - Nov 22, 2018

5 Essential Tips when Travelling with Kids

We have all heard tremendous amount of advice when it comes to travelling with the kids. The kind... Read More

Travel - Nov 21, 2018

How to Reach Gir by Rail, Road and Air

Spread over 1,400 square kilometres in the Southern part of the state of Gujarat, the Gir Nationa... Read More

Travel - Nov 21, 2018

How to Reach Corbett by Rail, Road and Air

Jim Corbett National Park’s is one of the oldest parks in the country and is a prime wildlife d... Read More

Travel - Nov 21, 2018

Club Mahindra Reviews On Jaipur Resort In Rajasthan

India’s ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and attracts thousands of tourists ... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2018

How To Reach Udaipur By Rail, Road And Air

India is a land with so much history that almost every state has some significant historical atta... Read More

Travel - Nov 14, 2018

How To Reach Jaipur By Rail, Road, And Air

The ‘Pink City’ with several tourist attractions within its fold, has always allured travelle... Read More

Travel - Nov 06, 2018

How To Reach Kanha By Rail, Road, And Air

Kanha, one of the most famous national parks in India, is famous for its tiger reserve. Located a... Read More

Travel - Oct 16, 2018

Top 10 Things for your Kerala Travel Bucket List

Visiting a place with your family or friends can be a daunting task when it comes to planning an ... Read More

Travel - Oct 11, 2018

Make this World Wildlife Day an excuse to travel to these rich Indian reserves

Intro: The theme for this year is Big Cats. Here’s where you stand a good chance of spottin... Read More

Travel - Oct 10, 2018

Common Travel Habits Amongst Indians. Can you relate to these?

In recent years, travel has emerged as one of the top reasons for Indians to spend money, both wi... Read More

Travel - Oct 04, 2018

The Ultimate List Of Road Trip Trails For Adventure Travellers

Wanderlust hits people of all ages alike and nothing beats the excitement and fun of road trips. ... Read More

Travel - Oct 04, 2018

Places to Visit Near Jagannath This July

Stories of mythical characters and legends weave themselves into the timeline of historical event... Read More

Travel - Oct 04, 2018

Foolproof Your Anniversary Plans With These Perfect Romantic Getaways

Planning a romantic getaway with your special someone? Indulge the wanderlust in you and rediscov... Read More

Travel - Oct 04, 2018

Beach Essential For A Perfect Getaway

Soaking up some sun during a beach holiday is not only a grand idea but also increases your serot... Read More

Travel - Oct 03, 2018

Travel Movies That Will Inspire You To Get Out And See The World

Bollywood movies often showcase exotic destinations, especially in their song-and-dance sequences... Read More

Travel - Sep 28, 2018

The Bucket List- 10 Places Around The World You Have To Visit At Least Once

While the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and The Great Wall of China are popular destination... Read More

Travel - Sep 28, 2018

Head To These Hill Stations For Some Last-Minute Monsoon Madness

Did you miss out making the most of the rains this year? Perhaps work or other commitments made i... Read More

Travel - Sep 27, 2018

Here is How You Can Pamper Your Family With a Relaxing Mahindra Holiday

It’s time to say hello to family holidays once the little feet begin pattering around your home... Read More

Travel - Sep 12, 2018

Top 20 Places to Visit in Kodaikanal During Family Vacation

‘Kodaikanal’ literally translates to ‘the gift of the forest’ in Tamil. True to its name,... Read More

Travel - Sep 06, 2018

5 Amazing Tourist Places To Visit In Cherai During Family Stay At Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort

Cherai Beach or "The Princess of the Arabian Sea" is located at the distance of 30 km from the ci... Read More

Travel - Sep 04, 2018

6 Things To Do In Ooty To Experience The Best Of Ooty With Family

6 places in Ooty you cannot miss

Every travel enthusiast has a bucket lis... Read More

Travel - Sep 01, 2018

Gift Your Children The Bond Of Family On Your Next Vacation

In India, the concept of ‘family time’ is one that has been passed on from generation to gene... Read More

Travel - Aug 29, 2018

10 Tips To Be Prepared For A Winter Holiday

Who doesn’t love exploring new places and new things? Pack your woollies and get your winter ge... Read More

Travel - Aug 29, 2018

Kerala Tourism - A Complete Guide For A Family Trip To Kerala

Kerala is truly the abode of the Gods. It’s literally Heaven on earth and is aptly called ‘Go... Read More

Travel - Aug 27, 2018

Why Hill Station See A Surge in Tourists In The Summer

What’s the first word that pops into your head when you hear ‘summer’? The (almost) unanimo... Read More

Travel - Aug 27, 2018

Don't Be A Tourist, Be A Traveller. Here's How

For the average holidaymaker, a few short days in a foreign land usually means trying to cram as ... Read More

Travel - Aug 22, 2018

Trip To Tamil Nadu - Your Detailed Guide For Tourism In Tamil Nadu

One of the prominent states of South India, Tamil Nadu is home to many famous temples, hill stati... Read More

Travel - Aug 20, 2018

Best Time To Visit Virajpet In Coorg

Virajpet is an idyllic town located within beautiful Coorg in Karnataka. Coorg is known for its s... Read More

Travel - Aug 20, 2018

Best Time To Visit Madikeri In Coorg

Ah, Madikeri, one of the most beautiful vacation spots in Karnataka! The lively capital of the Ko... Read More

Travel - Aug 14, 2018

Must-visit Places That Were A Part Of India’s Freedom Struggle

While apathy and time have already chipped away at most of the monuments from our glorious histor... Read More

Travel - Aug 09, 2018

Enjoy The Magnificent Landscape of Kerala From Neelimala Viewpoint Near Wayanad

The Neelimala Viewpoint in Wayanad Adds to Kerala’s Beauty

If you are planning a family b... Read More

Travel - Aug 06, 2018

What To See And Do During Family Vacations At Vythiri Village Resort In Wayanad

A quaint location in ‘God’s Own Country,’ Wayanad is spectacular. The greenery found here c... Read More

Travel - Aug 06, 2018

Famous Places For Local Street Shopping In Wayanad

With stunning views, historical marvels, and a flourishing wildlife, Wayanad will always be one o... Read More

Travel - Aug 03, 2018

How To Book Family Holidays With Club Mahindra Membership

A Club Mahindra membership allows you to... Read More

Travel - Jul 23, 2018

A Coorg Tourism Guide For Your Family Trip To Coorg

Imagine a quaint town enclosed by mist and fog, which when cleared away, reveals winding pathways... Read More

Travel - Jul 20, 2018

Essential Things To Carry When Taking Your Baby To Resorts In Coorg

Karnataka is a stunning place and one of the most popular states in India for tourism. It is part... Read More

Travel - Jul 19, 2018

How To Reach Wayanad By Rail, Road or Air

A rural district in beautiful Kerala, Wayanad is a paradise waiting to be explored. Spanning over... Read More

Travel - Jul 06, 2018

Explore The Culture Of Karnataka

Home to zealous festivals, a refined heritage, spectacular dance forms, multilingual ethnicity, e... Read More

Travel - Jun 06, 2018

Why Vacation Ownership Works For City Dwellers?

Have you ever planned for a vacation and given up halfway? If yes, you are not alone. This happen... Read More

Travel - May 30, 2018

5 Amazing Places To Visit In Gulmarg With Family

Gulmarg is a picturesque hill station in Jammu and Kashmir. It’s a skier’s paradise owing to ... Read More

Travel - May 29, 2018

Family Vacations At Kanha

Vacations with family are always fun. The preparation of an itinerary, the addition and removal o... Read More

Travel - May 29, 2018

Popular Tourist Places To Visit With Family In Srinagar

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, boasts beautiful places aplenty. The city offe... Read More

Travel - May 29, 2018

An Unforgettable Trip To Periyar Tiger Reserve With Kids

Situated in the Cardamom and Pandalam Hills is the Periyar Tiger Reserve, one of the major places... Read More

Travel - May 29, 2018

Must Try 5 Mouth Watering Recipes Of Uttarakhand During Your Family Trip

The Land of Gods, Uttarakhand is one of the beautiful northern states in India, that has recently... Read More

Travel - May 29, 2018

Checklist To Choose A Perfect Resort For A Family Vacation

Choosing the perfect destination for your next family vacation can be fun. However, selecting oth... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2018

5 Must-See Palaces Of Rajasthan

With its magnificent forts and gorgeous palaces, it isn’t a surprise that Rajasthan is known as... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2018

Club Mahindra- 7 Things to Carry on Your Family Trip to Himachal Pradesh

7 things to carry on your family trip to Himachal Pradesh, by Club Mahindra. Surrounded by majest... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2018

Kandaghat – A Paradise In Himachal

Nestled in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Kandaghat is a small town situated on the Kalk... Read More

Travel - May 25, 2018

Best Travel Destinations For Solo Women Travelers

Henry David Thoreau once said, “I never once found a companion as companionable as solitude.”... Read More

Travel - May 23, 2018

7 Day Itinerary for a Family Vacation in Club Mahindra Munnar Resort

Located in Kerala’s Western Ghats, Munnar is one of South India’s most precious gems. Once a ... Read More

Travel - May 21, 2018

Check Out The Most Loved Club Mahindra Resorts In India

With so many places to visit in this captivating country known as India, it is always difficult t... Read More

Travel - May 21, 2018

Family Vacation at Kumbhalgarh

If you want to take your family on a royal holiday, what better place than going to the land of m... Read More

Travel - May 21, 2018


If you want to take your family on a royal holiday, what better place than going to the land of m... Read More

Travel - May 21, 2018

Eat, Shop and Roam in Jaisalmer

Bid adieu to monsoon and say hello to the holiday season. With rains almost gone, we are welcomin... Read More

Travel - May 21, 2018

Family Vacation at Ganpatipule

From unending waves to gorgeous temples, there are various places to visit in Ganpatipule, which ... Read More

Travel - May 15, 2018

Why Club Mahindra Members Love Coorg Resort

Coorg is a destination where you get to witness the true grandeur of nature. Rolling hills carpet... Read More

Travel - May 14, 2018

Plan a Perfect Weekend Trip to Mussoorie

Bored of your routine throughout the week? Looking forward to escape the pressure of deadlines an... Read More

Travel - May 14, 2018

A Family Trip to Tiger’s Homeland — Corbett National Park

Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand is Jim Corbett National Park, known for the majes... Read More

Travel - May 14, 2018

Top 4 Reasons Why Mothers Are The Best Holiday Planners

Travelling with a group of friends can be rewarding. Solo travel is great too. But what’s truly... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Top 10 Things to do in Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 is the most anticipated festival by both locals and tourists vis... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Weekend Getaways near Mumbai to Enjoy In

Holidays offer the necessary respite away from the humdrum of everyday life, giving you the much ... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Explore Exotic Dubai with Club Mahindra!

Deserts are usually all about the sun, sand and sheikhs. But there is more to this city, after th... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Four Reasons You Need To Visit Gangtok ASAP

While there are many hills stations in India, there is something uniquely different about Gangtok... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Experience The Beauty of Gangtok Through Club Mahindra!

Festooned by the dreamy clouds overhead, Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, is placed on a ridg... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Beautiful Places to See In and Around Gir

On first glance, Gir appears to be little more than a nondescript nook in western Gujarat. But it... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

5 Ways To Experience Gir's Nature And Wildlife On Your Next Family Holiday

On your next holiday, imagine spotting an Asiatic Lion! There is only one place you can spot this... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Gir Forest: The Ideal Place for Birdwatching with Kids

Many know that Gir National Park is an abode of the Asiatic Lion out in the wild. Thousands flock... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Family Vacation at Gir Forests

There is no better way to have a family vacation than at someplace where you and the kids may hav... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

Magical Moments at Club Mahindra’s Gir Resort

India is a place where many festivals are celebrated. The seamless amalgamation of the various cu... Read More

Travel - May 09, 2018

7 Popular Tourist Attractions Near Vythiri Village Resort in Wayanad

Wayanad is a gorgeous hill station in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Rich in wildlife and v... Read More

Travel - May 07, 2018

Offbeat places in Kerala to include in your bucket list

Kerala! Mention it and the first thing that comes to our mind is the unparalleled beauty of the p... Read More

Travel - May 07, 2018

A Weekend Getaway with Family at Madikeri Fort

Coorg is always an excellent choice for weekend getaways. With its dense forests and gushing wate... Read More

Travel - May 07, 2018

Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India is surrounded by a number of attractive destinations. From... Read More

Travel - May 04, 2018

Kuruvadweep - Explore The Natural Rainforest Of Wayanad In Kerala

Strewn across the banks of the river Kabini in Kerala, you’ll find the unexplored and unspoiled... Read More

Travel - May 04, 2018

Enjoy A Family Vacation Amidst Tea Plantations With Munnar Resort

Munnar is a lovely hill station located in Kerala’s Western Ghats region. Known for its tea pla... Read More

Travel - May 03, 2018

Plan A Thrilling Escape Into The Scenic Beauty of Coorg With Family

Not only is Coorg a scenic, coffee-producing destination, but it’s also a thrilling escape for ... Read More

Travel - May 03, 2018

Catch a Glimpse Of The Waterfalls At Coorg

Of the very few places in the country that are blessed with pristine natural beauty, Coorg is cer... Read More

Travel - May 03, 2018

Things You Shouldn't Miss When in Coorg

Coorg is one of those rare places in India that exemplifies heaven on earth with many points of i... Read More

Travel - May 03, 2018

How To Make The Best Of Your Stay At Club Mahindra Coorg Resort

Coorg is steeped with history; one of the interesting historical aspects being that the Queen Vic... Read More

Travel - Apr 26, 2018

Club Mahindra Reviews - Danish Villa Resort in Ooty

Located 2240 m above sea level, Ooty, also called Udhagamandalam, is the Queen of Hill Stations i... Read More

Travel - Apr 26, 2018

Club Mahindra Reviews - Yercaud Resort in Tamil Nadu

Located at a height of 4,970 feet above sea level, Yercaud is a scenic hill station. There are mu... Read More

Travel - Apr 09, 2018

Can't decide on your next vacation? Explore the rugged appeal of Kumbhalgarh

Located 84 km north of Udaipur and built on a hilltop in the Aravalli range with a commanding vie... Read More

Travel - Mar 20, 2018

Why is Finland the Happiest Country on Earth? (Real Reasons)

Finland is the happiest country in the world, according to the latest World Happiness Report. Wan... Read More

Travel - Jan 24, 2018

Rajasthan Culture - Everything About Food, Dressing, Art

Have you ever reminisced a family holiday and nostalgically remembered the things you did or saw ... Read More

Travel - Jan 24, 2018

5 Reasons why Club Mahindra is India's preferred resort chain | Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra has more than 45 luxurious resorts in India alone. Also, it has five international ... Read More

Travel - Jan 24, 2018

10 Tricks to photograph moving wildlife

Have you ever looked at the great photographs on National Geographic... Read More

Travel - Jan 23, 2018

Spice up your wildlife holiday in Club Mahindra Thekkady

For those who think that they need to travel miles across the world to visit pristine landscapes ... Read More