Coronavirus Lockdown in India: How to Convert Home into a Holiday Retreat

Turning your Home into a Holiday Retreat

Family - Apr 02, 2020
Tips to Convert Home into a Holiday Retreat

When we want to escape the hustle and grind of normal life, we retreat. We find sanctuary in safe places. We explore the beauty of new shores. We soothe our mind, body and soul so that we can emerge refreshed and ready to go. However, given the current situation, it can feel like we don’t have the option to retreat and recharge. We feel trapped within our four walls. We feel anxious. Most importantly, in all the panic, we neglect caring for, and building a safe place for ourselves.

You can change this. At Club Mahindra, we create sanctuaries for your soul. Well-furnished rooms, stocked with all the amenities you need, beds fluffed with mounds of pillows and thick quilts, soothing lights and more. Today, we’re going to share some ways to create the same in your own home. 

Turn your room into a relaxing retreat, through these simple steps.

Creating a Hotel room at Home:

You’re in your room for most part of the day, so why not do it up like a hotel room? Here are some simple ways you can change your living space into a holiday home.

Bed: The focal point of every great hotel room is the bed. Find your best bed linens – sheets, blankets, cushion covers. Remake your bed by draping it in beautiful sheets, piling up cushions and adding a soft blanket to cuddle in. 

Little Luxuries:  If you have a bedside table, why not add a carafe of water and fancy drinking tumblers to it? A vase of flowers, a beautiful painting, a pile of magazines, potpourri sprinkled in a bowl, a high-quality scented candle – all these touches can change your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Towels: Hotel towels are always beautifully folded – sometimes in a shape of a swan or rolled into a crisp roll. There are online tutorials that help you fold your towels just like hotels do. Not only will you have added a little luxury to your room, you’ll also learn a new skill.

Turn your room into a spa:

At Club Mahindra, we understand that a good sojourn at the spa can melt those worries away. During these troubling times, it becomes doubly important to administer a little self-care and soothing to your anxious mind and frayed nerves. Here are some small ways to relax and create a spa at home.

Mood lighting: Fairy lights, scented candles or warm golden lights cast a comforting glow to your room and add a little warmth to your personal space.

Scent: Whether its incense sticks, potpourri or scented candles, great scents can help you relax. Go for fresh scents or soothing scents. Lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint are all perfect for setting the right mood.

Tea: Brew and pour yourself a warm cup of tea. Calming teas like chamomile, peppermint, passionflower, green tea, rose tea, lavender and lemon balm work wonders.

Music: Put on soothing background music – instrumental or classical pieces work best. Keep the volume low and the notes flow around you.

Treatments: Now that you’ve set the mood, turn your attention to treatments. There are a variety of treatments you can try out, without expensive or inaccessible products. Make a simple body scrub from brown sugar and olive oil. Discover simple foot mask recipes online, made from ingredients in your kitchen. A simple steam treatment for your face can work wonders (if you happen to have any essential oils, you can add them to the steaming water, for a variety of health benefits). If you have the time, why not attempt a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, with the help of avocado or egg. For puffy or irritated eyes, tea bags and sliced cucumbers are perfect for reducing swelling and for cooling the eyes. Finally, slather your face in a homemade face mask, made from natural ingredients like yoghurt, avocado or honey. There are many home style treatments available online.

With just a few tweaks, you’ve turned your room into a great spa.

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