We are all at home and we are in the middle of an unprecedented event that is facing all of humanity. However, it is imperative that we look for silver linings in these tough times. The way life was so fast, we have ended up getting a short break to stay home (actually for a bigger cause) with our families and kids.

So, given that we have this extra time to spend with family, friends and neighbors. Other than that, we also have gotten the time to probably learn something new, develop a new skill or just relax at home cause we’ve been working hard for a long time. It surely is an uncertain time, but rather than brood over the situation, we can choose to help spread love, hope and to be there for others.

So here are a few things that you can do with your kids or spouse or all of you can do them together.


Playing a game together is a lot of fun. The idea is to be competitive, yet friendly. There are games that can help build new skills, or just be a bag of laughter. You can mix it up a little and play some fun games with the kids like Ludo, Housie etc. Once they hit it bed, you can play a few harder games meant for adults and friends, you can look at playing Taboo, Pictionary etc.

Play a day at the spa. Have your parents wear bath robes. Give a relaxing head massage to

your family members, take turns

Play board games with your family

Play a game of bottle flip

Play Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Do a scavenger hunt

Build a bird house feeder – leave water for birds everyday

Create a play with your own script – take a video of it and share it with friends and family

Learn a yo-yo trick

Create a blocks / lego tower and do a challenge every day

Play the Chinese whisper game

Play a game of statue

Play a village fair style ring toss game to win chocolates

Art and craft

There is nothing better than finding a hobby which can help create new skill or past time more productively. You can help your kids pick up a paint brush or a sketch pencil or even take out that old box of craft material and enjoy the afternoon creating some funny or fine pieces of art. This can be a fun activity for the whole family. Imagine a Sunday morning spent painting shirts and then later in the evening, the entire family is twinning in those very clothes.

Drawing, colouring and painting a fav vacation memory

Create a nameplate for your door

Re-design an old t-shirt and get a new look

Learn how to make a paper Mache puppet and do a puppet show for your family

Fun with paper origami

Fun with towel origami

Create stickers for your kid’s room door

Paint tattoos on each other

Create a paper bead necklace for your mom

Create the world’s best paper plane

Create a thumb print family tree

Try a rangoli together

Make paper frogs and see whose frog can jump the furthest

DIY Terrarium / Fairy garden

DIY Magic bands – Fashion straws into different shapes and blow soap bubbles

Make a DIY flip book

Make paper hats

Build a toothpick bridge

Try salt painting

Paint a recycled jar

Make your own play dough

Create your own doodle

Make a piñata

Make paper fidget spinners

Music and Dance

For everyone who thinks that they have two left feet or have wished they would play a musical instrument. Well, this is the time for you to learn. Throw up a video on YouTube or download an application on your mobile / tablet and begin to learn the basics of dance or music. This is an activity that you can either do alone or with your family and friends. One thing we know for sure is that at the end of a music/dance session, no one leaves the room without a smile!

Create music with what’s available at home


Pick up an old instrument

Home Workout

Given that we are home, it is very important for us to ensure that we are following a healthy lifestyle so that we do not fall sick or become weak. The idea is to take out one hour every day at any time convenient for the kids or the family to put on some music and indulge in one of the following ideas that are easily available on YouTube and various other fitness apps.




Free hand exercises


Well, supplies are running fin across the country, just that it is taking people time to get the groceries given the social distancing protocol. Keeping that in mind, you can plan and enjoy creating multiple different cuisines both with and for the kids. Try your hand and make something interesting. After all, a family that eats together, stays together!

Have a Pani-Puri party at home

Make a no-bake cheese cake

Make hot popcorn of different flavors

Bake cookies with your family

Make fun sandwiches

Make a pizza from scratch

Have a mocktails night with the kids

There are a multitude of things that you can do with the kids at these times. It is important for you to spend time with them for two main reasons. They need to be kept active and try new things all the time and secondly, they will get a feeling of security knowing that their parents are around and approachable at all times.

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