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Live a happy family life with Club Mahindra Resorts. Switch off your devices and turn on your senses! Go the Club Mahindra digital detox way.

The world is connected differently here, with tweets from real birds, untagged, unfamiliar faces of wild animals, and a live video of nature’s best.
The virtual world in which most of us live these days has us all consumed. Even though we’re more connected to each other, we seem to have lost touch with the natural beauty of the world around us- even when we’re on holiday!
A digital detox is to switch off your devices and turn on your senses! Here’s how it can be done…

1. Walk – A therapy for your senses!

As I discovered to my delight, one of the many advantages of a jungle resort is that you can take any number of guided nature walks. There is usually always a certain area of the forest where you can get a sighting of specific big cats or birds. Remember to carry your binoculars and camera even if you just want to wander – and don’t worry, you can rent them at most resorts if you forget!
As you walk, take a deep breath and take in the unique smells the forest has to offer. Trust me, each forest has its own identifiable scent depending on its vegetation. A nature trail or even just a barefooted walk on the lush green lawns of the resort can be relaxing. Connect with nature for real, without disruptions from the virtual world!

2. Daydream – A window for your mind!

When was the last time you day-dreamed? Well, a holiday is a perfect time to introspect and catch up on much-needed me-time. The relaxed ambience on a holiday in one of Club Mahindra jungle resorts is the perfect way to let your imagination excite you like it used to!
Instead of thinking about which device needs to be charged or which email needs to be sent, reflect on yourself, your life, your relationships, your hobbies, or just remind yourself what it’s like to be truly free! Get a massage in the spa or take a dip in the pool and let your mind at peace.

3. Do – A massage for your hands!

Nothing can have a more calming effect on your psyche than working with your hands. Take a break from the swiping and sliding on your smartphone and let your hands create. It was amazing to feel the texture of wet clay and see my hands transform it gently into a beautiful vase. I also tried making wicker baskets and felt myself coming back to life as my fingers grooved to a new rhythm.
Club Mahindra offers you the chance to learn all types of village craft from pottery and painting to basket making. Picture this: you are sitting at the potters’ wheel, with your child in your lap. As you run your hands over spinning clay the local artisan regales you with folklore. The high from this experience is incomparable, one that cannot be felt in the virtual world.

4. Read – A balm for your eyes!

Read a book, not an eBook or blog! Even with Night Light and yellow filters, your eyes need a break from the screen too. A holiday is the best time to read that book you always wanted to but for which you never found the time.
Lounge in the garden with a book in your hand, a refreshing drink, and some nuts by your side. While your children splash about in the pool, take this chance to splash down. Let the fresh air act as a balm to your senses and feel every muscle in your body relax. Escape into the world of your book and experience a life away from life.

5. Play – A tickle for your wits!

A board game or outdoor sport is very different from guiding an animated character across rail tracks or finding enough similar looking gems to create a line of 3 or more! Firstly, it needs more than one person! Secondly, it requires undivided attention- so no multitasking! Imagine replying to a WhatsApp message instead of picking up a tennis ball in between a game? We are so accustomed to playing games on our phones that we rarely get the time to play cards or a fun board game we loved in our teenage years. Holidays in relaxed settings give you the time and option to turn off your devices and bond with your family and children- and yes, laughs and love are guaranteed! Club Mahindra’s jungle resorts have facilities to play many fun games such as chess, carom, pool, air hockey, cricket, football and badminton.

6. Explore – A challenge for your soul!

Trying something new is always invigorating. It feels good to step out of your comfort zone and your city. I don’t even mean a daredevil stunt- spotting wild animals for real, without a map, is a thrill on its own. Watching a tiger prowl at a watering hole trumps the experience of viewing even the most beautiful photograph on your smartphone. The best time to visit is early in the morning when you stand a better chance to spot both nocturnal as well as daytime beasts. Or if you want to relax and sleep in, they have afternoon safari trips too to explore the wild.
In this digitally enabled world, a detox can be exactly what you need to slow down and enjoy life the way you have never had time to. You don’t have to disconnect completely; just connect in a different way. A wildlife holiday in a luxurious Club Mahindra jungle resort can help you make the transition from the virtual world to the real world without compromising on luxury.

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