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With the Coronavirus lockdown well under way, most of us have gotten very familiar with our homes and the amount of work it takes to keep it running. If you’ve been dusting, sweeping, swabbing, washing and cooking, you know how exhausting housework and chores can be. It doesn’t feel like the most exciting task on your list to dust the entire house, does it? However, there is a silver lining to this rather dusty cloud. Household chores are a great way to spend some quality time with your family. With a few tweaks, you can have the entire family join in. Not only will this increase the time you are spending together, it will also keep you busy during the Covid19 lockdown, teach your children invaluable skills for the future and take the burden off the one single person responsible for managing the house.

So, want to know how you can entice the entire family into their daily chores? We’ve got some tips and suggestions to turn those groans of disappointment into cheers of excitement.

Miniature Cleaning Kits

This is for your toddlers and young kids. Often, children at this age love to mimic what their parents and other elders do. Bring them into the fun, by ordering a small cleaning kit for them. Give them a small area to clean (alongside you) and let them wipe, dust or clean by your side.

Hide Treats

What if you could turn the house into a little treasure trail? Hide little coins, stickers or tiny chocolates in the furniture. Now, assign the kids the task of dusting, and as they clean each corner of the house, they will unveil a new treat.

Scavenger Hunt

Your home is the perfect place to stage a little scavenger hunt (while getting children to complete their chores for the day). Set up a whole trail of prizes and clues where to find them. To get each clue, each family member must complete a small chore (taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, filling the water bottles). Do note, that you should make the prize at the end of the hunt well worth the effort!

Make a Chore Chart

Housework involves a mix of both small and big tasks. To cover all of them, without exhausting yourself during the Covid19 lockdown, it’s important to spread the chores evenly. The chores chart will detail which family member has to handle a specific task. When they’re done, put a star or sticker by the chart. The member with the most stars or stickers can be awarded a prize at the end of the week.

Escape Room

Turn this adventure game into a fun household activity. An escape room is basically where a team assembles in a themed room and completes a mission to escape from the room. Gather the family together in a room, set a timer and have family members complete chores in the room during a set time. Set up both rewards and fun punishments if they don’t meet the tasks (for e.g. finishing the leftovers, eating extra salad, or for rewards you can offer extra screen time or the chance to swap one chore for another).

Musical Washing

This is exactly like musical chairs. Set up a line to wash, dry and stack the plates. Each round is themed to a section of the song. The person left holding the plate (either washing it, drying it or stacking it), has to complete an additional task (for e.g. setting the table for dinner). The winner, as always, gets a prize – like deciding what movie to watch, or choosing their favourite pizza toppings.

Tips and Tricks

Turn old socks into sock bunnies. Put them on your kid’s hands and have them remove the dust with their bunny hands. (Make sure the sock is clean and usable). Set up a laundry race. Blow your whistle and have everyone race to their rooms to get their laundry. Have them bring it in different rounds – black, whites and then colours. Have your kids dress up as a character and complete chores. For instance, they be cowboy and “round” up all the dirty laundry, or police officers who “find” dusty spots and clean them up. Film a “cleaning commercial” – get your kids to clean, while filming them and make a small commercial from it.

At Club Mahindra, we understand that your kids deserve special experiences too. Our resorts feature plenty of games, activities and an exclusive Fun Zone for kids and parents to enjoy. During this Covid19 lockdown, turn those chores into cheer, by trying these simple tricks. Send us pictures and share videos of some activities you’ve conducted at home.

As always, stay safe, stay inside and take care.

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