Soaking up some sun during a beach holiday is not only a grand idea but also increases your serotonin levels, or whatever your happy quotient is. It contributes to the quality of your beauty sleep, making you sprightly and alert. Beach holidays can be the best thing to unwind and rejuvenate.

But before hitting the beach, some attention on what to pack for that perfect holiday is important. It can save you much hassle. After all, you’re going there to have fun and the last thing you want is for poor planning to ruin your day. A checklist of beach essentials is one way to ensure a tension-free holiday. So here it goes!


Swimsuits - Carry more than one to feel comfortable during your entire stay. Women, feel free to carry a cover-up. You could use it when you think the sun is burning down on you or when it’s a nippy evening. A good one always acts as an added style quotient!

Beach-friendly clothes and footwear– Shorts and tank tops are easy and comfortable clothing. Perfect for the weather, easy to pack! You can also keep a pair of loose capris. A couple of summer dresses for a casual walk on the beach or to a restaurant. Flip-flops, crocs or waterproof sliders are more than perfect! They are smart, stylish and easy to dry. Also, carry a hat to shield your face and head from the excessive sun.

Beach towel and a beach blanket- If you choose to take a nap, the beach towel could be your pillow with the blanket gently spread over you. A few water-proof pouches and smaller bags to carry your electronic gadgets will keep them safe. The beach can make you thirsty. Keep a water bottle handy.

Sunglasses – Eyes do need sun, but too much of anything can hurt. Make sure to keep sunglasses with UV protection.

Make-up/Toiletries – Light make-up works best for beaches. Keep it fresh and natural. A lip balm with UV protection, some face powder and deodorant or light perfume should do the trick. Hand-sanitizer is a must if you plan to grab a snack.

Sunscreens are an absolute must. Apply generously all over your body before you step out. Choose an SPF value of 50 or above. Re-apply every four hours. A moisturiser is also useful to keep if you have/ develop dry skin.

Waste-disposal bags – Let us not be ignorant tourists and litter our environment. If dustbins are not close by, these bags will come in handy till you locate one.

Medicines – Last but not the least, medications you regularly consume, some paracetamols, band-aid, your regular medicines for stomachaches, fevers and colds.

Your beach bag can also have:


Junk jewellery to suit your beach attire

A couple of granola bars for emergencies

A book/ kindle for a pleasant summer read

An umbrella for sudden showers


Expensive jewellery,

valuables - entirely avoidable. Sneakers – Not only will they take time to dry, but they’ll also make your baggage unnecessarily heavy and are of hardly any use on a beach holiday.

With all the planning and packing in order, it’s time to get some sand beneath your toes!

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