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Travel is a great way to discover a new place, and each other, say families in the Club Mahindra reviews.

A vacation is sacred time spent with loved ones that helps strengthen bonds and create an album of memories. However, modern living, while bringing its own advantages of advancement and affluence, is slowly eroding into these simple pleasures. The busy routine of everyday life and rising addiction to digital media turn the basic need of spending quality time together as a family into a rarity, to the extent that even gathering together for dinner becomes rare. Parents feel that their families, which were once closely knit, are now drifting apart and children, who are addicted to the constant barrage of likes, tweets and pings, further disconnect themselves from real-life experiences and conversations. Families who have taken a Club Mahindra membership, however, have a different story to tell.

The Club Mahindra membership offers a unique range of enriching experiences that helps families rediscover the joy of spending time with each other. Based on the concept of exploration and discovery, the experiences at Club Mahindra enrich family bonds by bringing back the joy and vitality of being together. These experiences, some of which are included in the Club Mahindra membership fees, also imbibe elements of the resort’s scenic surroundings and region’s cultural nuances. Club Mahindra members, Hemant and Kruti Patel, say in their Club Mahindra membership review, “Club Mahindra has actually brought us closer to our children as we now take holidays together.” Hemant elaborates, “Spending time with my family is incentive enough but the fun-filled activities at Club Mahindra Resorts like bird watching, trekking and night camping only add to the excitement.” Kruti further adds, “The air is clean, and it is refreshing to walk amidst the peaceful sounds of nature rather than the angry sounds of the city”.

Club Mahindra Reviews: More than a holiday package, it’s an “experience package”

India is a land of history, culture and culinary delights and Club Mahindra Holiday Resorts offer a unique mix of experiences curated to the requirements and interests of every member of the family, irrespective of their age. This makes it easier for families to vacation together. “Do you know that the second longest wall after the Great Wall of China is here, in India, in our very own Rajasthan?”, asks Ritesh Mehta, a young entrepreneur. “I’d read about this in the Club Mahindra reviews and the Club Mahindra resort at Kumbhalgarh arranged a visit to this World Heritage Site for us.” Nehal, his wife adds, “The Munnar resort even has a unique feature on its property – the Nilgiri goat, which is the smallest species of goat in the world!” Ritesh, an ardent tea lover, was so happy with the visit to the tea estate in Darjeeling to the extent that he turned it into an interesting story for his children.

According to Club Mahindra Reviews, parents feel that the need for devices seems to lessen, and in some cases, is even non-existent, when children are taken to stimulating surroundings. Bunty and Namu, Hemant and Kruti’s children feel the same. “We make so many friends and we do so many exciting things like participating in sandcastle and art competitions, paintball fights and learning pottery, it’s more fun than playing games on the iPad. This is the one-time Mom doesn’t mind us getting dirty”, they say with a glint of mischief in their eyes. “Moreover, they learn so much when they travel that it brings their history and geography lessons alive”, adds Kruti. “For me, real-life education is the best education.” Many other parents echo this sentiment according to Club Mahindra membership reviews.

The best part of the experience is the convenience. As Ritesh explains, “With Club Mahindra Resorts, I don’t have to worry about planning the stay, sightseeing and other activities. The Club Mahindra membership takes care of most of my holiday which makes it so convenient and allows me to focus on what I came here for – to enjoy quality family time!”

Club Mahindra Memberships Reviews find the resorts redefine the F&B experience

Food is an integral part of culture and local delicacies reveal more than just their ingredients. They speak of traditions and customs, of guarded recipes lovingly handed down generations to keep legacies alive.. As per Club Mahindra membership reviews, Aravali, a restaurant at Club Mahindra Udaipur imparts an authentic taste in the Royal Rajasthani dinner that resonates with the region’s culinary history. This multi-ethnic cuisine restaurant serves Rajasthani dishes such as Daal-baati and Gatte ki Sabzi, which rank amongst the top five dishes to try. Moreover, the Royal Rajasthani dinner at Udaipur is presented in a huge plate comprising wholesome proportions of carefully arranged pickles, curries and breads. The Mehta family bonded over the Dhani dinner experience at the Club Mahindra Udaipur. “Nothing brings a family together than food”, says Nehal. “Ritesh cooked traditional Rajasthani food – his first cooking attempt ever - with the help of the resort chefs!”

To give you a taste of tradition, Gangtok proudly presents Ghar Ka Chullah, an outdoor dining experience centred around a bonfire with live cooking alongside. Manali serves dinner in true Himachali dham, i.e., seated on the floor with everyone eating together. All Club Mahindra resorts even offer a special children’s menu which caters to the fussiest of eaters. “My kids love fast food, but my wife and I are pure vegetarians”, adds Hemant. “With a Club Mahindra membership, whether you’re Jain, vegetarian, health conscious or simply a food-lover, there’s an interesting menu for everyone! My favourites are the Saraswat Jain thaali and raw banana pav bhaji”

Bunty and Namu, who usually settle for nothing less than pizza or French fries, couldn’t stop themselves from binging on a giant Gujarati Thali at one of their holidays. According to Club Mahindra reviews, the pure vegetarian restaurant at the Club Mahindra Dwarka has been guilty of converting many a fast food fanatic into homely, desi ghee food lovers. The varied flavours of the thali comprise traditionally prepared dishes such as kadhi, khichadi, dal and rice as its staple components. “Both my sister and I couldn’t help but make dal-bhaat and roti our everyday meal at Club Mahindra. Our parents were so surprised because we never eat proper food at home!”, giggles Namu. Kruti also added that she was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Dhokla, Khandvi and other traditional specialties such as Undhyu and Handvo were authentic and lip smacking!

Club Mahindra Resorts transform the mere pleasure of eating into a unique experience that bonds new-age families with ancient culinary styles and contemporary flavours. According to Club Mahindra reviews, Barbeque Bay, a restaurant at the Club Mahindra Resorts in Goa, Madikeri, Coorg and Munnar find the perfect balance between grills and a scenic topography that is captured with photogenic perfection. Travancore Royal Kitchen at Ashtamudi converts a heritage houseboat into an interesting dining experience. Aromi Di Italia, the signature Italian restaurant at Cherai Beach brings alive the flavours of Italy in an authentic ambience.

Budding young chefs can flaunt their skills at the Junior Chef competition at Varca, Goa. Corbett stays true to the ethos of farm-to-fork and lets you pluck your own fresh vegetables at an organic farm, which are then cooked to your preference.

Food is an emotion and Club Mahindra ensures that their enriching experiences satiate the soul.

Club Mahindra takes the road less travelled with its off-beat locations, say members in Club Mahindra reviews

Conventional wisdom dictates that a property’s proximity to strategic transit areas and popular tourist attractions is directly proportionate to its success. Club Mahindra begs to differ; the decision to find offbeat locations even in the most populous tourist areas enables it to create the most unique and exclusive experiences. Imagine being lulled to sleep or being gently woken up by lilting waves in the luxury of a floating cottage, at the Club Mahindra resort in Ashtamudi. Watching the sky transform into a kaleidoscopic masterpiece painted by a magical sunset at Club Mahindra’s Pristine Peaks Naldehra, near Shimla. The guests at Baiguney resort in Sikkim are lovingly serenaded by the mellifluous river that runs beside it, earning it the moniker of “Rangeet ka Sangeet”. The Munnar resort, located amongst a sprawling tea estate, welcomes every morning with the aroma of freshly plucked tea leaves wafting into its rooms. These are the unique differentiators, as mentioned in Club Mahindra reviews.

While the hills have their own charm, beaches are always a family favourite. Both, the Patel and Mehta families vote Goa as an annual must-do holiday. “When you think Goa, you think of meat and seafood but all the Club Mahindra Resorts across Goa have an equally indulgent vegetarian and Jain menu. This includes traditional dishes such as Bajri Na Dhebra and Paryushan Parva recipes, which are authentic in taste.” smiles Kruti. For the children, it’s the freedom to get dirty, explore their creativity and more importantly, the space to be themselves. “After a long day of making sandcastles, feasting on the picnic basket by Club Mahindra with my entire family was a treat,” says Nehal. This wasn’t the only experience that brought the Mehta family closer during their stay in Goa; the couple also managed to get some quality time to themselves with the specially organised candlelight dinner, organised by resort.

While setting foot on a foreign land for the first time can seem intimidating, the Mehta family did not experience any jitters. The Arabian Dreams resort in Dubai welcomed them into a safe space, which they couldn’t wait to explore. The Desert Safari, which can easily be organised by the resort, turned their holiday into an exciting journey. “Dashing through the sand on a Desert Safari was an adrenalin pumping experience!”, gushes Nehal. “The one thing that really surprises me is the fact that when on holiday at the Mahidra Club resorts, the children do not miss their devices and only ask for their phone to click and share mempries”, says a surprised Kruti.

Children turn to their gadgets mostly to be entertained. However, this can easily be reduced by exposing them to engaging experiences such as travel. Children who are exposed to travel from an early age build up a wide repertoire of sights, smells, sounds and social skills. Experiencing the world also triggers curiosity and creativity.

Redefining the experience with Club M Select – A world of exclusive privileges for the select few with Club Mahindra membership

While a holiday at Club Mahindra Resorts is always tempting, time may not always permit the luxury of a vacation. Club M Select, a privilege programme unique only to Club Mahindra memberships, offers its members a curated bouquet of experiences across dining, travel and cruise holidays, at exclusive prices. Members benefit from special discounts on 2000+ dining options across India (outside of the Club Mahindra resorts), 12,000+ cruises internationally, 4 Lakh+ hotels around the world, and 70,000+ international excursions and transfers. Health and fitness enthusiasts will be delighted by the choice of over 90+ Yoga Studios across 30+ cities in India, which offer a 40% discount if not more. Access to 25 Golf resorts across India is a newly added benefit to the Club Mahindra membership along with a Movies Pass, which promises exciting cash backs on every booking. These offers can be easily availed of directly on the website or the app. A dedicated helpdesk is also available to assist members whenever required.

“Club M Select made my birthday special because I could finally try my hand at golf,” smiles Hemant, who also keeps checking his leave schedule in the anticipation of experiencing a cruise holiday. The adventure enthusiast that he is, the numerous diving spots near Pondicherry kept calling out to the explorer in Ritesh “I was hesitant at first, but the qualified diving expert took us through all the safety procedures and eventually, Nehal also joined me for the experience.”

It is quite evident that Club Mahindra’s experiences bring out the best in families by bringing them together. To get to know more, do read Club Mahindra reviews to find out what members have to say about their stay at Club Mahindra Resorts.

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Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), India’s leading player in the leisure hospitality industry, offers quality family holidays as also stated by Club Mahindra Resort Reviews, primarily through vacation ownership memberships. While Club Mahindra Membership Fees gives you opportunity to explore your holidays across world, the other brands offered by the company are – Club Mahindra Resorts Fundays and Svaastha Spa. As on Mar 31, 2019, MHRIL has 61+ resorts across India and abroad and its subsidiary, Holiday Club Resorts Oy, Finland, a leading vacation ownership company in Europe has 33 resorts across Finland, Sweden and Spain. Visit us at

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