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Have you ever pondered upon taking a road trip in India and making it a month long or a fortnight long vacation? It’s not as ridiculous or difficult as it sounds and all you need is fair amount of planning. Chalking your route and filling up the car with sufficient gas are the first few things that you need to take care of. Once you have decided the number of days at each place, make sure you book the resort accommodation in advance as the resorts of Club Mahindra often get sold out like hot cakes.

While there are various kinds of vacations that we take during the year, road trips are the kinds that can result in some serious bonding and can be a true form of rejuvenation. Deciding on the mode of transport can be a challenging task, especially, when a group of people have differential opinions. However, when you do narrow down on the basic requirements, a road trip can be extremely fulfilling. Here are a few reasons you can use to convince the members of your gang who show hesitation when you mention road tripping across the country

• An Element of Surprise

Taking the road can prepare you for a horde of surprises that come your way when you drive across the country! There are numerous adventures that one can embark on and when there are no set schedules like the ones which we have to abide to when travelling by an air plane or a train, the element of surprise and spontaneity is high. Play the music of your choice, pack some snacks and sit back and relax. You can even take turns at driving. The whole journey will amount to a vacation and when you go on a road trip, you start to realize that the enjoyment lies in the process and never the destination.

• Authentic Food on the Way

The food that you will get to savour on a road trip is truly authentic and local in its flavour. You always have the option of stopping along dhabas, roadside stalls and tiny cafes that serve the most delicious food in the country. The produce is local and the techniques differ in every kitchen, and as your journey progresses, you will have devoured hot food prepared right in front of your eyes. Instant hot food is a relief in the chilly weather and a huge boost to travel farther ahead! The benefit of taking a road trip and staying at Club Mahindra resort, you get to witness the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to experience the road side food and street stalls as you cruise along, you will also be pampered to full fletched buffets and region specific delicacies prepared by trained chefs. While staying in Club Mahindra resort in Coorg, one must try local delicacies of coorg at in house restaurant.

• Scope for Change

Spontaneous changes during a trip are a part and parcel of travel and can be a blessing in disguise in most cases! From new temptations that spring up as you tour the cities, your course may change and lead you to newer places. Sacrificing older plans for better destinations that offer more travel and adventure can be truly exciting and make your trip more enticing.

• Holistic Vacation Vibe

A road trip can make your journey truly adventurous and roughing it up can teach you things that you would not have learnt otherwise. Lush forests, thatched roofs and quaint roads can be a truly enriching journey. The entire purpose of travel lies in calming your mind, relaxing your senses and undertaking newer experiences that give you a truly different perspective, all of which is achieved on a road trip. A road trip can give you ample time to observe your surrounding environment and take in the place. And while a vacation is as much about relaxation, it is also about making the most of that road journey. Carry a book, plug in some music and pay attention to the road.

• Real Experiences

From learning how to mend punctures to engaging with the locals, a road trip with your friends will provide experiences that are distinct and unique. Take the rough patches in your stride and with the right attitude you will have nothing to worry about! There are multiple experiences when one decides to embark on a road trip across India. When you stay at the Club Mahindra resorts, your experience is fairly cushioned and luxurious. Mixing things up and striking a balance, a road trip is the perfect way to save on cost as well. You can check out the numerous Club Mahindra reviews online for more information.

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