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A corporate holiday is a great time for colleagues to bond and feel rejuvenated away from work. Getting away from the routine with teammates to a beautiful location is a fun change from the usual. A break like this can rejuvenate the workforce, inspiring them to work with renewed vigour. A highly engaged workforce is what sets apart a company that outperforms its competitors from those that stay behind.

Here are a few ideas that can help you build a happier, engaged and high performing team.

Know Your Colleagues

You may know your colleagues by name, and maybe a little bit about their lives. But do you know the kind of person they are outside of work?

In this game, everyone is divided into two groups, forming concentric circles. The inner circle turns outward to stand facing one person. When a buzzer, set for 45 seconds, goes off, the person in the inner circle moves to the right to face the next person, while the person in the outer circle steps to the left. In these 45 seconds, the pair is supposed to share one detail of their lives that their partner doesn’t know. An important rule is that what is said in the circles, stays in the circles. This activity is a great way to get people to open up about themselves and get to know their co-workers at a deeper level, in a safe space.

Obstacle Course

Picture tree-root swings, bars, rope ladders to crawl across, tyres to jump through, nets to crawl under and a run-up before swinging on a tree branch to splash into a cold pond. Use the nature around to create exciting physical challenges for your team. The messier, the better. The more elements in the sequence, the more complex and fun it gets.

A test of physical agility, mental strength, situation assessment and creativity, this is the kind of game that will give the team an endorphin high, and lots to talk about with each other.


Adventure Sports

This game is played in teams and is best enjoyed when it is theme-based. Imagine a paintball game tournament in the middle of a forest. In mixed (department) teams of 4-6, the whole company battles it out in an explosion of colour, until a winning team emerges. Each team gets a couple of minutes to regroup, a few times a game. All you need is your imagination. For the success of your business, team building activities are critical, and the personal bonds formed between team members give your company a competitive edge.

The idea is to provide a memorable yet exhilarating experience to share with colleagues. An outing like this transforms and enhances perspectives, opinions, and potential.Never underestimate the power of experiences. In almost every vacation destination, you will find adventure sports to get the adrenaline pumping. Depending on what is available around, you could choose paragliding, river rafting, cliff-diving, scuba diving, off roading, rappelling, zip-lining, knee-boarding, windsurfing, dune bashing, rock climbing, skiing, trekking etc.

Yoga and Meditation

This routine will increase mental clarity, work on physical fitness, enhance productivity and give everyone a taste of mindfulness.A daily routine with morning yoga and meditation class helps relieve stress, focus and begin the day with a fresh surge of energy and calm. If that is too dull for you, you can get your team to experience the outdoor, try different styles of yoga, explore meditation techniques and even throw in a Sound Healing Therapy session.

Dance Workshop

Nothing makes adults more uncomfortable than learning choreographed dance moves. While you may be a pro on the dance floor, some people are quite rhythmically challenged. The key factor in team bonding is shared vulnerability. Explore Zumba, PlyoJam, Aerial Silks, Pole dancing, Jazzercise, Yoga Dance and more. A dance session can obliterate the comfort zone and bring people together in mutual embarrassment. Trust us, it’s fun as people open up and have fun.

Art Workshop

The best part about this activity is that employees get to take home something that will be a reminder of the time they spent with their colleagues, and the bonds they formed, every time they see/use what they made.Working with our hands and allowing our creativity to flow freely is something that professionals rarely get the opportunity to do. Pottery is an art that is highly meditative and helps develop concepts of stability, balance, strong foundations and quick thinking. You could also choose local crafts, like Kalamkari, handmade papermaking, Batik work, Bandhani, Warli Art, block printing, wood carving, handloom weaving and more, to make it more culturally immersive.

An Informal talk by an expert on Work-Life Balance

A working professional is at peace when he/she can comfortably balance the amount of time spent at work with that spent with family, friends, and self. Inviting an expert to have a casual chat preferably out of office with the employees will help them learn to better manage their time, and life hacks, for a more fulfilling career as well as relationships.


Take your team out for a charity outing to help local causes through team volunteering. Working together to help locals/NGOs on a corporate holiday is CSR made fun! Besides, nothing is more uplifting that helping others, and helps bring everyone together in the spirit of giving back.

At the end of the day, your work-family needs to have fun and take home shared memories of the things they did outside their comfort zones, build new relationships and look forward to achieving common goals.

Corporate Holidays

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