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A Club Mahindra membership lets you enjoy holidays with India’s favorite resort chain at the most loved family holiday destinations in India and abroad. You can take full advantage of a spectrum of benefits including multiple membership categories, spacious rooms with essential amenities required for an ideal family holiday, plenty of in-resort activities and a lot more: Here are few reasons why Club Mahindra membership makes a great investment in family holidays.

Flexibility in choosing vacations

Club Mahindra holidays can be enjoyed by members for a period of 25 years, which means you can head on a vacation for 7 days every year in this timeframe. Now, that’s a lot of memories and beautiful moments in your family’s holiday scrapbook! What’s more, your family holidays will be flexible; you can opt to skip one year, accumulate your “holiday days” and have one longer vacation the next year. Else, you could even break up the 7 days into a couple of smaller holidays (minimum of 3 nights only) within the same year.

Choice galore of holiday destinations

When it comes to destinations and Club Mahindra resorts, you will be spoilt for choice. Choose from 50+ properties in India and abroad to explore the vast world and learn something new with your family through the various in-resort activities such as art & craft workshop, cultural entertainment and more. The Club Mahindra resort rooms come in all sizes for all types of families. Therefore, if you are a small family, you may choose to buy a ‘Studio’ membership, allowing you to stay in a Studio apartment and if you are a larger family, you may choose from 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, at the time of purchase of membership.

High-quality service and amenities

One thing that is consistent across Club Mahindra reviews is the fact that each resort is equipped with comforts, designed to please all the members of the family. Whether you are deep in the throes of a bustling city, wading through waters at a beach, scaling new mountains, or embarking on forested adventures, one thing is for sure: the quality of the rooms and service at all resorts remains at its highest. Added to this, are the signature in-resort experiences arranged for you and your loved ones to enjoy. These are curated to specifically reflect the local cultures, customs, and flavors of the particular destination you have chosen so that you all get a feel of the place. The Club Mahindra resorts also boast indoor activities that you can enjoy together and bond over as a family.

Protection from price fluctuations

The cherry on the icing has got to be the fact that you don’t have to worry about paying for your stay every time you are planning to go on a family holiday. This is not just a cost but also a time savior in your holiday planning process

Wonderful lifelong memories with loved ones

Even with all these attractive offerings, the facet that truly stands out is that you will be embarking on magical journeys with your loved ones and, in the process, create beautiful memories to last a lifetime! Staff at the Club Mahindra resorts always ensures that you spend a stress-free family vacation with loved ones.

All this and more makes the investment in the Club Mahindra membership one of most amazing gifts you can give your family! Hurry and log on to the Club Mahindra website or app today.

Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews & get a sneak peek of how Club Mahindra members are enjoying family vacations at popular holiday destinations of India with Club Mahindra resorts!

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