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Have you heard of the land that houses more pawprints than footprints? The land where strides of the black stripes embellish the sands? And where you’d probably see a mother licking her baby instead of cleaning him in a bathtub!


Sitting up north in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand, India, is Corbett – The land of the wild beings! If one were to write a book on Corbett, the Royal Bengal Tiger would make an appearance in every chapter. Even though we’ve been told that the lion is the King of the jungle, you’ll agree when we say that the tiger is the King of Corbett! Wouldn’t it be great to holiday with the King? Our Club Mahindra Corbett jungle resort promises you a regular rendezvous with tigers since it is located amidst lush jungles. A family vacation in the lap of Mother Nature is something you’ll cherish for years.


Corbett is truly a land flourishing with flora, furs and feathers. And some of the sights your heart and eyes must witness are listed below:


Jim Corbett National Park

Probably the finest and safest home for tigers, Jim Corbett National Park – India’s premier and oldest national park – is one of the most important places to visit in Corbett. If you wish to see tigers taking leisurely strolls, going about their daily chores or simply chatting with their comrades, book a guided jeep safari! While on your safari, you’ll get a chance to visit around 170 tigers, 600 elephants, and few jackals, sloth bears, leopards and many others. The Park is even inhabited by rare species of birds. And don’t be afraid. The animals here are ever-ready to strike a pose for paparazzi! So bring out your cameras for everything in Corbett is worth a ‘flashy’ capture!


Ramganga River

Commencing its journey from an altitude of 3,110 metres, Ramganga is the first chief tributary of River Ganga. Ramganga became one of the most important rivers in India after the construction of Ramganga Dam; it generates hydroelectricity and irrigation facilities for Uttarakhand. The sight of river water flowing through thick grasslands is a treat to the soul.


Corbett Waterfall

At a distance of about 25 kms from Ramnagar City you’ll arrive at the magnificent Corbett Waterfall, one of the most relaxing places to visit in Corbett. Time and again, tourists have stopped by for a swim in the glistening streams and hear the sound of water crashing onto rocks from an elevation. After all, sitting by a waterfall is a heavenly experience; when the winds slide through the chilly water and land onto your face, you cannot help but wish you could stay in the moment forever.


It’s time to rest

Club Mahindra Corbett is one of the most beautiful of all Corbett resorts. The resort’s spacious and sophisticated rooms have been designed keeping your comfort in mind. And when you peep outside the room windows, fresh greenery and harmonious chirps shall greet you! When your tummy growls, head to our in-house restaurants Machan and Gazebo. And to make your family vacation more exciting the resort will keep you entertained with fun activities and games during your stay.


So start packing your bags! This Corbett jungle resort in Uttarakhand has a heap of enjoyment to offer you. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews of Corbett resort & know why our members love vacationing at this resort!

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