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Travel seems to be an integral part of everyone’s life, and as a family you will surely love to take a trip once in a while. While some families just pack their bags and set out for a journey, there are others who believe in keenly planning a vacation.

While planning a vacation, several factors are taken into consideration. It isn’t always about the destinations, it is also about the climate, the comfort of going in a particular season, facilities for children, and managing leaves at work. However, holidaying is not a problem for those who have the privilege of owning a Club Mahindra membership. Of course, you have the choice of as many as 46 resorts across India and the world along with an option of staying at over 4000 RCI affiliated resorts. Besides this, you also have the option of choosing the time of your holiday. The purpose of Club Mahindra Vacation Ownership is to offer you the same comforts as you would have had with your holiday home. So, you can go on a holiday whenever you wish to, by selecting from the list of seasons with Club Mahindra.

As a member, you can plan your vacation according to the four different seasons categorised by Club Mahindra. These seasons are divided on the basis of colours, signifying the travel rush and convenience of members.

Blue: This is suitable for people who wish to holiday when rest of the tourists are not in the holidaying mood. This is ideal for people who wish to escape the crowd, and are comfortable to vacation when there are no official holidays. Also, they don’t have a problem going on days when there are no holidays.

White: This is the time when most of the tourists are returning back home. This period is right before the off season. As the tourists are heading back home, this season is ideal for those who seek peaceful retreat.

Red: This is the ‘peak season’ of the year, i.e. when maximum number of tourists head for a vacation. This is the time when children are having holidays or festival season is on.

Purple: A season for those who specifically like to travel on national holidays or other days as per their holiday calendar. This is ideal for those who wish to vacation specifically during holidays, or whenever they feel to.

Once you have chosen the colour of your season, ensure that you make the bookings as soon as possible. Simply contact your Club Mahindra representative and inform them about your preferred season. Accordingly, you can chalk out the further travel itinerary and get ready to make some happy memories. And after enjoying a wonderful vacation with your loved ones, don’t forget to share your valuable Club Mahindra reviews on TripAdvisor. Explore top holiday destinations with your family and have a comfortable stay in India's favorite resort chain - Club Mahindra.

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