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Work is an undoubtedly crucial societal norm that is essential to support your life. Getting educated and securing a lucrative job is imperative. But at the same time, your career need not hamper and restrain your relationships and take away the happiness of your family life. Work is not just a way to make money and fulfil your financial needs and ambitions. Instead, it should rejuvenate your body and mind both emotionally and physically.

The lack of work-life balance can put a lot of strain on a person. It can affect one’s relationship with loved ones, reduce work productivity, weaken confidence, cause financial pressure, and can trigger various health-related challenges.

Integrate work-life balance to enhance productivity

Achieving a life balance is intrinsic to having a prosperous and gratifying career. You can do justice to your work only when you have kept enough time to pursue both your work and personal interests. When this balance is lopsided and that one side of your life is using up your excess energy, you will feel stressed, and your productivity is sure to fall.

Integrate work-life balance to create a healthy and rewarding personal life

Today, work-life balance is all about creating the right mix of business and personal life. It can include spending time with your friends and family to engaging in hobbies; participating in energising personal, spiritual, or educational activities to exercising to caregiving. This also includes giving your best at your work. Amalgamate work-life balance to have a fulfilling and happy personal life. If you do not create a balance, your relationships can become enervating and strained.

Employers need to motivate their teams to achieve work-life balance

Nowadays even employers need to support their teams to make the best use of their vacation time and achieve work-life balance. They need to emphasise and highlight the importance of de-stressing. Recent surveys reveal that employees are unable to make work/life balance since they are being pounded with messages like ‘9% unemployment’, or ‘if we can just survive this economy,’ and ‘doing more with less.’ Thus the employees are forced to value simply having a job.

Employers need to clearly comprehend the importance of de-stressing and promote their teams regularly in a positive manner. They need to encourage employees to use their vacation time and partake in physical activities such as swimming or walking. Relaxing with family on weekends should be encouraged. This will enhance their productivity at work, and they will be able to give their best at work with renewed vigour and zeal.

A weekend break could be just the thing for a recharge and reboot. Club Mahindra offers a range of beautiful locations with 5-star resorts with modern facilities. They offer packages which include activities one can do in and around the region as well.

Achieving work-life balance is possible

Balance is not a quantitative measure. Managing the clock on an everyday basis is an impossible task, and moreover, this does not ensure stability. So here are a few tips to ensure work-life balance:

* Do not strive for an ideal schedule; instead opt for a realistic one

* Focus on maintaining your overall health

* Choose a job or work that you are passionate about

* Take a vacation and refrain from work entirely from time to time

* Analyse your professional and personal goals, both long-term and short-term

With every little step, you will gain momentum and experience improvement in all aspects of life. As you start to establish flexible boundaries between your work life and your personal life, you will begin to experience more fulfilment, personal satisfaction, and an ideal balance


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