Karnataka is a land of spectacular natural beauty and is known for its rich culture and history. Being a coastal state, it has some of the most incredible beaches along the coast of Arabian Sea. If you are visiting Karnataka for a 3-day trip, you may want to explore the place at your own leisurely pace. 

Let us look at some of the top beaches in the state you must visit each day.

Day 1

As you arrive in Gokarana, Karnataka, you can enjoy exploring the nearby beaches. These beaches are located in close proximity to each other and you need not travel much. Enjoy exploring these beaches on your first day. 

  • Om Beach

Located in Gokarna, Om Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka. It gets its name because the shape of its coast resembles the auspicious and sacred Hindu symbol OM. There is also a ‘Rock of Peace’ at the beach, which is essentially a cliff from where the entire beach outline is visible clearly.  

While you are at the beach, the soothing sound of the waves, and cool breeze ruffling your hair would have a calming effect on your mind. But, if you are in the mood for some fun and adventure, you can try surfing, and other water sports at the beach. 

  • Kudle Beach 

Not far from the OM beach is Kudle Beach, yet the ambiance is quite different here. It is popular among the tourists who come here to revel in its quiet and serene ambiance. Whether you are visiting the beach with your friends, family or your spouse, spend a few hours here and you would have an unmatched peace of mind. 

  • Paradise Beach

Another gem of a beach in Gokarna, as the name suggests it is truly a paradise for the beach and adventure sport lovers. If you travel to Karnataka to explore its beaches, this one should be at the top of your list. You can take part in many water sports like sailing, snorkelling, banana boat rides and more. 

Day 2

After a fun-filled first day in Gokarana and exploring the nearby beaches and indulging in some water sports, you may not want to venture out to explore other parts of Karnataka. And, after having a good night’s sleep, you may be fresh and ready to go. Today, you can head out to Karwar and explore the Karwar beach.

Karwar is located about 60 kms from Gokarna and it takes about 2-hour drive to reach there. But, before you start your journey to Karwar, there is one more beach in Gokarna you must not miss seeing. 

  • Half Moon Beach 

A crescent-shaped beach, the Half Moon beach is one of the relatively less crowded beaches in Karnataka but is immensely popular among tourists who love exploring off-beat locations. The beach is inaccessible by road, and the only way to get here is to take a boat from OM Beach or you would have to hike to reach here.  

The hiking trail is not very difficult and the path along is pretty replete with lush greenery and along the way you may come across unique flora and fauna. Make sure that you carry your camera while visiting this beach. You would surely be delighted reliving the captivating beauty of this beach after the trip. 

  • Karwar Beach 

Karwar Beach is located in Karwar, a quaint hamlet that is known for its temples and forts. It is a stunning beach and is popular among those who are looking to escape the city chaos and want to spend some peaceful time reading a book or just relaxing on the hammock.  

The beach is also popularly known as the Rabindranath Tagore Beach, as he had visited Karwar when he was young and his first play ‘Prakritir Pratishodh’ was inspired by the beauty of this beach.  

There is a park, an aquarium, and a lovely fountain on the beach, making it one of the best places to hang out with friends and family. 

Day 3

After an adventure filled day two in Karnataka, starting with a trek to the half-moon beach and then travelling to Karwar, you may be excited and eager to end your 3-day trip on a good note. On your last day in Karnataka, after enjoying a herty meal in Karwar, you can go to Kaskarkod beach, which is located about 95.5 kms away from Karwar. 

It would take about 3 hours drive to reach here. You can take a few stops in between and enjoy the scenic beauty enroute. 

  • Kasarkod Beach 

No matter whether you are on a 3-day trip to Karnataka or you have one full week to explore the bountiful natural beauty of the place, your trip to Karnataka would be incomplete without visiting this blue flag certified beach. One of the cleanest beaches in Karnataka and India, it is very-well maintained and is a great place to unwind, put your feet up and chill!

If your idea of holidaying with the family is all about exploring new beaches, Karnataka is a haven for you. Home to some of the most amazing beaches you will find in India, you can relax, and engage in some fun and adventure activities on the beach here.  

So, what are you waiting for? Explore these wonderful beaches and some memorable moments that you can add to your family album. 

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