Retirement is often known as the golden phase of one’s life, and it is, provided one is amenable to living footloose and fancy free!

Retirement is often known as the golden phase of one’s life, and it is, provided one is amenable to living footloose and fancy free! At this stage of life, you are financially secure and able to do the things you didn’t have the time for when you were still employed. The world is literally your oyster – and you must make the most of your free time now to travel around the world.

Why Senior Citizens Must Travel

Senior citizens are most fearful of travel – they are often unprepared for unusual food or not being able to communicate in a foreign tongue, or falling ill due to a change in climate. But here’s the thing: if there is any age group that is best suited for travel, it is the 60+ population.

Think about it: senior citizens are retired by age 60, and their responsibilities towards their children and other family members have all but ceased. They no longer need to plan holidays around office leaves and children’s exams or plans. In fact, the charm of senior citizen travel is that one can up and take off any time they want, without having to check their own or their family’s calendars.

Also, many senior citizens have savings and investment money shored up, which can be used for travel. There are a range of senior citizen holidays to choose from, between budget trips and luxury ones.

Senior citizens also bring to the mix their life lessons, empathy with others and a sense of adventure for being able to finally travel to their heart’s content! This helps them savour new experiences much more. Regular travel also sharpens the mind and broadens one’s horizons – these are important aspects that help senior citizens stave off depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, among others.

The Best Destination for Senior Citizens: Singapore holidays

But picking the right destination for travel is important, especially for older age groups. Rightly recognising that this is a lucrative age group for travel, many tour operators and resorts around the world offer a range of senior citizen holidays. These include a mix of quality accommodation and sightseeing, as well other experiences like light adventure, shopping and eating out.

If you are looking for a good destination for senior citizen travel, we recommend a holiday in Singapore. Here’s why:

The city runs like clockwork. Every public transport system is linked to each other and it is easy to find your way even if you take a wrong turn or alight at the wrong station. Normally, one transport card lets you ride the monorail, metro and public buses. Attendants and local residents are also happy to assist older tourists looking for directions.

English is spoken at almost all places in Singapore, so communication is not a problem.

Singapore is one of the world’s best cities for pedestrians. Every block has demarcated pedestrian walkways and the traffic is auto-regulated so that cars stop at least four feet away from the zebra crossing while the pedestrian walking signal is on. This is an important factor for senior citizen tours, since there is a fair amount of walking to be done while exploring the city.

There are several world cuisines you can experiment with. You are bound to find food that is in keeping with your dietary preferences, whether you want zero processed sugar or gluten-free meals, for example.

The weather is often pleasant all times of the year. Tour buses often feature a roof top cover, so you are not likely to get drenched if a sudden downpour arrives.

Singapore has a lot of shopping options, so you can buy many things to take back home for family and friends.


Where To Stay In Singapore

The most important component of senior citizen holidays is the accommodation. While many have some health issues related to the heart or joints, it is not always possible for them to bunk in budget hotels or homestays. They need the convenience and luxury that a lavish resort provides. The resort must also be located such that it is close to the main city centre, and has many options for transport to get about.

We recommend the Club Mahindra Parkroyal Resort in Singapore. Conveniently located on Kitchener Road in close proximity with shopping plazas, walkways and restaurants, this premium resort has all that you need for a quiet, luxurious stay in the heart of bustling Singapore.

Enjoy staying in a well-appointed room offering stunning views of the city, and hop down to the resort’s gym to catch up on your fitness routine. Or you can work up your appetite for breakfast with a refreshing dip in the pool. Once you are done with the day’s sightseeing, sample the delicious spread at the resort’s restaurants.

If it’s a Singapore holiday in your silver years, it’s got to be Club Mahindra Parkroyal!

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