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Women’s Day is just around the corner. Are you scrambling around for ideas to make it special? Wracking your brain to find the most suitable gift for your mum/wife/sister/daughter/best friend? Worried that you’re not thinking in the right direction?

Breathe. Because we’ve got you covered.

Club Mahindra family resorts has many wonderful Women’s Day celebration ideas in its treasure chest. So check out this easy-to-implement list. We’ve segregated the activities and ideas based on the time of day.

1. Wellness Morning

Women’s Day is all about empowerment. And sometimes empowerment means knowing when to take a break. Refreshing thought, isn’t it? First on Club Mahindra’s list of Women’s Day celebration ideas is a morning of “her time”. Think about it. A scented candle burning by the bedside table. A herbal tea brewing on a bed tray. A luxurious coffee scrub waiting by the shower. Bowls of tantalising fresh fruit. These are some of the many ways you can pamper the special woman in your life.

2. Gourmet Afternoon

No list of Women’s Day celebration ideas can be complete without great food. Food is the path to the soul, and Women’s Day is all about making her soul sing! Yes, this special occasion calls for a delectable meal, organised and prepared for her by you, of course.

Set the stage by curating the perfect table. Take out the fancy cutlery and crockery you’ve been saving for ages.

Pick out elegant serving dishes, napkins, place mats, and of course, an aesthetic runner.

Set a vase in the centre. Buy her favourite flowers and put them in.

Now for the meal. Go with something wholesome, delicious and visually pleasing. Perhaps a Biryani, Chinese stir-fry or even a Burmese Khao Suey. And for the final course, check out Club Mahindra’s blog on dessert recipes for Women’s Day.  

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3. Eventful Evening

Even a wonder woman needs a hobby. And what better time to pick up a new passion than Women’s Day?  

On this special day, why not sign her up for an online workshop? From painting, to creative writing, baking, and ballet, the virtual world is a fascinating place! You can even sign up for a couple’s class. How does ballroom dancing sound? Or Bollywood hip-hop? These are just some of the Women’s Day celebration ideas that you can use to create an ambience of excitement and fun for your loved one.

4. Merry Night

Surprise her with a happening ‘Girls Night In’. If you can, bring in all her favourite women to celebrate it with: her mum, sister, or best friend.

Take on the role of party planner and turn your living room into a dance floor. To set the right tone, you need some décor. You can go in for flowers and candles or balloons and streamers. Make sure to ask everyone to wear the same colours. Now, the playlist is extremely important. So, gauge the audience. We’d also recommend organising a few games like Purse Scavenger Hunt, Name It In A Minute, and Guess The Movie. This is one of the most popular Women’s Day celebration ideas ever.

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