14 Travel New Year Resolutions for 2023

Published by Community Manager on 21 December 2022

14 Travel New Year Resolutions for 2023

The New Year is just lurking around the corner, and it is about time that you start looking forward to the new adventures you wish to have, the places that you want to travel and tick off the experiences from your to-do list. If you have already made your New Year resolution for 2023 and travelling is at the top of your list, here are a few tips to make your travel resolution more fun and exciting.


  1. Try a new experience

Whether it's our love of beaches or mountains, we often make plans to re-live the nostalgia by visiting similar places. This time, step outside your comfort zone. Pick a destination that boasts of majestic history or unbridled adventure and take the plunge.

Want to try the longest zip line in India? Head to Munnar. Want to have a luxury-Golf holiday? Head to Kensville. Want to visit the 2nd longest wall in the world? Head to Kumbhalgarh.


  1. Take a road trip with your family

A road trip is one of the major travel goals for many. So, if you have been dreaming of taking a road trip for long, put it right up there on top of your travel New Year Resolution for 2023 list.

While travelling to your favourite holiday destination is great fun, going on a road trip with your family is double the joy!

India is known to have plenty of beautiful road trip routes like Mumbai to Goa, Darjeeling to Pelling, Manali to Leh, Jaipur to Jaisalmer, and many more. Driving through these destinations will bring you close to some of the most scenic landscapes you may have witnessed and give you a surreal experience.

While the journey itself will give you immense joy, you can elevate your road trip experience by booking your stay at the Club Mahindra resort in your destination city. After a long and tiring journey, you may want to retreat to a comfortable space. The cosy ambiance inside your room, the stunning scenic beauty outside, and the world-class service will surely rejuvenate you.


  1. Go on a food-cation

Then there are those whose every choice is influenced by gastronomical delights. Food is big part of our travel experience. It gives us a taste of local culture. It inspires stories that satiate our senses. For your next vacation, research on the local food culture. Look out for many that are already served at the resort or you can always request our chef to try out that oh-so-instagrammable dish!


  1. Focus on a wellness vacation

With so much to see and do, vacations can get hectic too. Head to a destination that you love and have already visited before. Embrace the serenity of the hills or the calmness of the sea. With sightseeing out of the way, all you need to do is relax at the resort, enjoy a good spa, good food and magical time out away from devices.


  1. Promise to be a smart traveller

If your New Year Resolution in 2023 is be a smart traveller and get benefits from your travel, a Club M Select Membership is for you!

With the Club M Select membership, you can enjoy benefits like free flight cancellation and seat selection during your travel. Other than that, you 1-year Swiggy One membership will offer lots of savings even when you are not holidaying!

Club M Select makes the rest of the year equally exciting as it offers the following benefits:

  • You can your family can have dinner at some of the finest restaurants in India
  • Go on a cruise holiday
  • You can go on an international holiday and enjoy a comfortable stay at more than 4 lakh hotels and resorts

As a Club M select member, you get assured discounts on all the above activities and experiences. Check it out

  1. Make the most of weekend breaks

In 2023, make a resolution to never stay home during a long weekend. Instead, simply head to a favourite resort near you for a quick break. With Club Mahindra Horizons, you now have access to 300
+ hotels so that you never run out of new places to explore. It rejuvenates the mind and keeps you fresh. Check it out


  1. Stay in a crazy location

 There are many cool and interesting places to stay while you travel. And, by cool places, we don’t mean the destination you are going to, the actual accommodation. Have you ever stayed in a boat house, an igloo, a tree house or a floating cottage? Well, Club Mahindra offers all these and many more of these unique stay experiences at its resorts across India.


  1. Explore your own country

While everyone loves a Goa or Shimla holiday, the best experiences can come when you travel to a destination that is top-notch but not on everyone else’s list. With 85+ resorts, your Club Mahindra membership is opening doors to the most beautiful destinations. Plan a stay at La Vintuna resort in Gangtok where you can hear the gurgling stream from your room… or explore the heritage of Hampi with a stay at our Vijayshree resort and heritage village.


  1. Write your Travel Diary

A travel diary is a great way to preserve your best travel memories. The photos, over the years, take you on a journey of how you grow up and grow young over the many vacations you take with Club Mahindra. Besides, it becomes a perfect way for your fellow members to gauge what to expect from their stay.

Moreover, don’t forget, that for every Travel Diary you write, you earn Trip Coins which can later be redeemed for resort credits and used during your next holiday! Write one now


P.S Did you know that members can write a blog on a variety of topics on the Community and earn up to 400 Trip Coins when the blog is published! Get started


  1. Vacation with a friend

Remember the good old days when you holidayed carefree with friends and had the most amazing and memorable time! It’s time to explore a new phase in life with a renewed vacation with a best friend.

And here’s the bonus – when your friends become members, you both have a win-win. They can join you for amazing vacations while you can get amazing referral benefits including an iPhone 14, an international holiday, a cruise and so much more. Refer a friend today


  1. Take THAT dream vacation

What’s that dream vacation that’s always been on your bucket list? A dreamy Paris holiday or a gandola ride in Venice or the exhilarating snow holiday in the Himalayas or a witness a sunset at the Taj Mahal… the desire for that one dream holiday has always been there. Make 2023 a year to fulfil that dream.


  1. Make a difference where you are going

Travel can be a rewarding experience. Choose to give back to the local communities when you travel next. You can either pick up a local volunteering program or choose to buy local products, plant a tree and give back in your own unique way.


  1. Let others inspire your trip

While there are no dearth of resorts and experiences around India, you can always find inspiration from the stories that your fellow members share. Browse and explore their travel stories to gain a unique understanding of the world of Club Mahindra.


  1. Travel for two weeks

So many of our members accumulate their vacation days over two years. By travelling in different seasons, they often holiday for over a week to have an amazing, relaxed holiday Club Mahindra style. The pandemic has prompted a ‘work-from-anywhere’ culture which allows you a workcation that gives you the best of both worlds.



Whatever your travel resolution, we are eagerly waiting to welcome you at our resorts. So take that first step and book your holiday!

14 Travel New Year Resolutions for 2023