6 Tips to Capture Perfect Photos When at Club Mahindra Resorts

Published by Community Manager on 07 June 2019

6 Tips to Capture Perfect Photos When at Club Mahindra Resorts

Time flies, doesn’t it! One moment you are with your college gang hanging out at the café, and the next, you are with your spouse and kids enjoying a vacation in the hills. You want to hold on to these sweet moments, so you capture them for eternity.

We understand what drives you. We know what your camera is to you. We feel what you feel when you browse through that old album reliving cherished memories with your loved ones.

You’re the one with an eye for perfection and we’re the ones who give you picture perfect frames. All Club Mahindra resorts have been planned and built in the most sustainable manner, such that the natural beauty and life around are not adversely affected.

What this essentially means is that you’re treated to an array of breathtaking vistas. It is evident not only in our classic architecture, it is all over our outdoor landscaping as well.

Here are a few things to follow so you take home the perfect holiday pictures of your family:

A Little Research Goes a Long Way!

Panoramic views reflecting the changing colours of the sky. The surreal sunset at the backwaters. The blissfully bright sunrise the next morning. The furious river, the calm lake, the gushing waterfall, the snowcapped mountains, the cheerful locals, the wild cats, the colourful birds - you want to capture them all.

All the scenic locations in and around any resort can be known in advance. You can go exploring on your own, and of course, Club Mahindra resort team will also share these locations happily.

There’s a Time for Photography

Another noteworthy tip is finding the right time. The right time to click a picture makes a whole lot of difference. There is always a moment destined to be captured for the most memorable picture ever. Knowing the right season when a particular flower blooms, or when coffee seeds ripen, is a good thing.

Look up these on your own, and also talk to other members. Staff members at Club Mahindra resorts are also happy to share valuable tips about the ‘right time’.

Imagination is Key

They say the key to make it real, is to imagine it first. You can visualize at least five fantastic photographs that you will take home with pride.

It could be anything – your mom breathing in the beauty of a foreign land against the backdrop of a popular landmark there. The rays of the rising sun glowing in the eyes of your spouse. Your little one holding the sun. Go on, there’s no limit to your imagination!

Candid Moments are the Best

A family vacation is also the occasion where you must stay alert – a candid moment is always up for being frozen in time. Pictures tell more authentic stories when its subjects are in their element, unaware and natural. Years down the line, it is these candid shots that will be fondly remembered!

Keep your lenses polished, let the sights and sounds guide your eyes, and yes, don’t forget to enjoy your vacation while you are at it.

Capturing Innocence, Mischief, and More

There are quite a few things to be mindful about, when it comes to clicking photographs of your child. It is important to get down to their eye level, for starters. The trick is to capture them when they are in their element.

Capturing all their mischief and play is an art, but when you are able to do that, you have a beautiful moment to look back to. Be patient, and get rewarded with a rich photo album.

Avail a Vacation Photographer

If all this is a little too much of an ask, you can always hire a vacation photographer. Sometimes it is best to leave it to the experts, especially when you want to spend quality time with your family.

Take home your treasured memories of every vacation, after all as a Club Mahindra member, your end goal is to make a thousand magical memories. Don’t have a Club Mahindra Membership yet? Join our Club today to embark on a magical journey with your family!

A fantastic photograph awaits you everywhere and every time on a Club Mahindra vacation, get shooting!