6 Tips to Make Your Child a Better Photographer During Family Vacation

Published by Community Manager on 07 June 2019

6 Tips to Make Your Child a Better Photographer During Family Vacation

Children are naturally curious beings. They are keen observers of just about everything – people, nature and things. Moreover, creativity is hardwired into them. Give them a camera, let them have fun with it and you never know what wonders they could create.

And, what if, we also shared a few tips with them so they could have something to learn about the art of good photography? Perhaps you end up with a budding photographer at home!

Here are some key things to follow, to get your child to learn the art of good photography:

Familiarization is the Key

Talking about ISO, shutter speed and aperture will make photography seem like homework. Instead just tell them to have fun. Let them play around with the different settings in the camera, to begin with.

Tell them only the basic functions, and let them be acquainted with the device on their own. Do remember to keep it simple.

Experiment, Experiment and Experiment

An amazing shot is always in store during Club Mahindra holidays. But to get to that amazing shot, your child must experiment - a lot.

Thanks to digital cameras, it is not an expensive affair to click hundreds of photos. Let your child experiment with different angles and sides. Tell them to take a step back or get in close with the subject and see the difference it makes.

The cycle can be repeated, until they get bored. They are children, after all!

Default Settings: Creative

It’s important to be reminded that children have ‘creative’ in their default settings. Don’t ever restrain that quality, let their creative juices flow!

Post getting familiar with their devices, and knowing about the basic parts, their natural tendency is to play around. Don’t bore them with instructions, set them free with the camera.

Talk, Share, Discuss

It is a good idea to review each and every photograph when you are back in your room. Take a while with every picture, share tips to make it better and encourage them towards better shots the next day. Don’t forget to highlight the best parts of their picture.

Always remember to compliment their good clicks and earnest efforts at photography. Encouragement goes a long way!

Variety is the Game-Changer

Let your child choose a wide variety of subjects. Go on a stroll in our organic farms and let fruits be her subject. The flowers in the valleys, or the ones in our gardens serve for good lessons in distance.

The zoom feature might be a mighty discovery for their little minds. Or take her to the beach and let her observe the sky and click the setting sun. During meals, let your child enjoy her food, though!

Little Photographer in Town

If you have a toddler, don’t fret. Let her get familiar with a toy camera. She will quickly learn how to look through and press the shutter, just by imitating you. Every vacation you take, will get her one step closer to handling a real camera and then to clicking that award-winning picture!

When your child is old enough to grasp the different aspects of exposure including shutter speed, aperture and ISO, it is time to take your practical training sessions to the next level. Until then, let these remain under the shutter!

It’s important for your family to enjoy your holidays at Club Mahindra resorts. You are with us to make magical memories and capture them for eternity. It would be such a delight to have you share your holiday pictures with us, along with your travel diaries.

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