A brief sketch of an entry into the paradise of Club Mahindra resort in Virajpet in Coorg

Shared by Prajnya on 08 August 2022

A brief sketch of an entry into the paradise of Club Mahindra resort in Virajpet in Coorg

A trip to Virajpet in Coorg lead us to peak into the woodlands of Coorg which has been a gorgeous encounter to be thrilled of!! When seated in the lobby of this magnificent resort, we would have a sip of the aromatic Coorg coffee as wafts of the fragrance of fresh ground coffee emitted from the kiosk named "Unwind" which existed in the lobby itself.

The resort was a splendid campus that was surrounded by green bushes, flowering plants, and tall palm trees, and as we walked across the springy turf, the twittering of rare shaded birds kept us mesmerized every day! In the evenings, much to our delight we would indulge in some 'Desi Chaat' beside the pool area teamed with hot 'Masala Chai'. To add to our culinary fascination we had the opportunity to attend the Fun cooking session and the chef presented an item called the 'Gold coin' - a potato cutlet coated with sesame seeds that could be had as a snack when we are eager to binge on munchies. We even clicked snaps of this event.

Time spent at the 'Happy Hub' where a crooner would intone soft Bollywood songs enthralled the audience. We had a divine Chinese meal in the hype restaurant "Coorgenburg" which had a pleasant ambiance and one side of its interiors even depicted quirky art and the caricatures of famous personalities were portrayed as well! When we traversed the lawns and even frisked local flowers in the manicured gardens I was indeed yearning to go on a "Plantation Walk" but the heavy downpour wouldn't allow this at all.

Our trip to Virajpet was a treasure trove of exposure into the hinterland of Coorg where the dense greenery, tiny blossoms in myriad hues and blissful feathered creatures witnessed was an impressive wonder indeed!!!