A Complete Guide for Planning a Holiday in Koyna

Published by Community Manager on 25 January 2023

A Complete Guide for Planning a Holiday in Koyna

Hidden from the curious eyes of the tourists and tucked away quietly in the Satara district, Koynanagar or Koyna, is a scenic hill station. Koyna is a place where the Deccan Plateau meets the Konkan region, and its topography is replete with evergreen forests, deep valleys, and misty mountains.

With its most pristine and untouched natural beauty, Koyana is waiting to be explored. And, while a few trekking enthusiasts visit the place to scale the local mountain, the place is yet to get the due recognition it deserves. Recently, taking note of its immense potential to attract tourists and boost state tourism, the Government of Maharashtra has started work to develop a new hill town like Mahabaleshwar and has aptly named it ‘New Mahabaleshwar.’

The Maharashtra government has ambitious plans to develop this region into a tourism hotspot and make it a pleasant gateway for city dwellers to escape their hectic life and find peace and calm in the mountains. If you are planning to visit Koyana, here is a complete travel guide to help you make the most out of your trip to this beautiful hill town.

Best places to visit in Koyna


Nehru Garden


One of the most must-visit spots in Koyna is the Nehru Garden. Located just about two kilometres from the famous Koyna Dam, it is a perfect spot for a picnic or to spend a quiet afternoon amidst lush greenery.


The garden boasts open lawns and a perfectly manicured landscape. It also offers a beautiful view of the vast Sahyadri Ghats; you can spend a couple of hours just admiring the beauty while enjoying delicious food from the in-house canteen. Another important attraction inside the garden is the 30-minute clip show about the Koyana Dam, its construction, and the hydroelectric plant.


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary


If you are a nature enthusiast or love wildlife, you must visit the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a natural World Heritage Site and home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna. The sanctuary is adorned with thick forests and is home to the Vasota Fort, a historical fort built by the Malwa Kind, Raja Bhoja.


You can go on a safari tour inside the park and get up close and personal with the wildlife like Indian Bison, sloth bears, leopards, and deer, and if you are lucky, you may even spot the Royal Bengal Tiger.


Ozarde Waterfall


If you are visiting Koyna during the monsoon season or post-monsoon, you may find the hills decorated with many waterfalls. The site of the gushing water and the soothing sound of the water flowing can instantly lift your mood and spirits. Among the many waterfalls in the region, the Ozarde Waterfalls deserve a special mention. While the beauty of this cascading falls is surreal, what makes it so unique is that you need to go on a 1-2 km trek through the dense forest to reach it.


The trekking trail is quite scenic and gives you a unique experience walking through the forest. Make sure you watch your steps and take caution, as you may find many reptiles and snakes along the way. It is better to go with a local guide who knows the trail well.


Apart from the above best places to visit in Koyna, some of the other places worth exploring include:


  • Shivsagar Lake
  • Dhareshwar
  • Bhairavgad Fort
  • Vasota Fort
  • Koyna Dam


Best time to visit Koyna

While you can visit Koyna anytime throughout the year, the monsoon season, i.e., between June and September, is the best time. The arrival of the fresh showers decorates the entire region in a million shades of green, creating a beautiful and refreshing atmosphere. It is also a great time to go trekking in the various trials here and exploring the forts.


Where to stay in Koyna?

You can get the best holiday experience in Koyna by booking your stay at the Forest Escape Koyna Resort, offered by Club Mahindra. It is one of the most premium resorts in the region and the best spot to embrace nature. Located amidst the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, surrounded by the stunning Sahyadri Mountain ranges, the resort is a wonderland.


It is an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable family vacation. It boasts scenic beauty and rich flora and fauna. During your stay here, you can immerse yourself in the unfiltered sights, sounds and scents of the mountains and relax to the fullest in the wilderness.


At the resort, you can enjoy being laid back and allow yourself to be spoiled by the best-in-class hospitality services. After exploring the nearby attractions throughout the day, when you return, you can cool off by taking a dip in the sprawling in-house pool or pamper yourself with a soothing massage that leaves you rejuvenated.

There are also many signature Club Mahindra experiences specially designed to keep your family entertained and make your stay unforgettable. From a candlelight dinner by the pool to a thrilling jungle safari and fishing in the Koyna river, and a barbecue by the river, the resort staff arrange many activities for you to take part in and take home fantastic memories.

A Complete Guide for Planning a Holiday in Koyna