A serene holiday at Tungi

Shared by Prajnya on 24 December 2023

A serene holiday at Tungi

Beginning of August 2023, our mum had planned a seven-day tour to the picturesque mountainous region of Tungi in Maharashtra! Our holiday commenced in the month of September 2023 and all of us considered it was best indeed to visit the Club Mahindra Resort in Tungi in Lonavala wherein we were eager to explore the property and even examine the vast green expanse of the Tungi Mountain!

Our family would be happy to be together after a long span of busy work schedule this time! With this, we were even more overjoyed!! We journeyed on a long route towards the Tungi region of Maharashtra where the Club Mahindra Tungi resort was nestled in the lap of thick forests and a mountainous region in Lonavala! The famous Tungi Fort of Maharashtra is reminisced of The “Great Wall of Maharashtra” as there are long passageways and serpentine walls leading towards the fort area!

The check-in formalities at the Tungi Resort were completed by 12 PM and we were served the welcome drink made out of fresh, pulpy orange! We sipped the drink seated on a couch beside large glass panes and speckled the enormous green expanse all around! As I was looking around the lounge in the reception area which had exclusive furniture, only one of its kind wooden flooring, I caught sight of gorgeous Indian Chrysanthemum flowers also called “Sevanti” in an attractive vase on the table! My mum had already made up her mind to carry back home on our return journey a cutting of the stem of this dainty flowering plant as she loves to spend hours gardening!

Next, in the noon we headed to the “Ripples” restaurant where it was tempting to crunch into Vegetarian fare like Vegetable Manchow soup, Vegetarian Chinese Manchurian, Vegetable Friedrice, Vegetable Hakka Noodles and Paneer Chilly Gravy which was worth eating as well! Post lunch we all decided to relax in our room which included two stylish master bedrooms, a dining area with Kitchenette, a washroom and a chic wardrobe! When we relaxed we listened to some divine music while switching on the Television!

After a sound nap, we woke up and ventured into the green garden area surrounding the resort holding umbrellas as it poured down heavily! We didn’t miss the opportunity to capture some pictures on our camera when we had a brisk walk in the thick green wilderness! As we kept walking we watched the Tungi fort area on a giant mountain covered with green trees and shrubs! The mountain was covered with fog however, we could capture some stunning pictures of this area and it certainly seemed very rejuvenating to watch this charming spot! The much-anticipated forest bathing activity over here soothed our worn-out nerves!

Mom and me seemed very happy with the pics! Next, we spent some groovy time at the Happy Hub an area where we could play games such as Chess, Carrom, Ludo, or Snake & Ladder and this evening we even attended a Napkin Folding session which was cool! I videoed this Napkin Folding session presented by a staff at the Happy Hub when he folded the napkins which were shaped like a Heart and a Doll!

Next, we began with a game of Snake & Ladder and a little while later we played a game of Chess, Carrom & Table Tennis! Mum and Dad love to play Carrom & Table Tennis! Whereas I would love to play a game of Chess at any time! Table Tennis too seems to be an energetic game for me when I am accompanied with Mom in this game!

At night we ordered Tandoori Rotis and Chicken Mughlai in our room from Gourmet Express as we were famished! Then, we watched a Hindi movie together on Prateek’s Tablet PC and we were pretty jubilant to watch the movie scenes being picturized on the screen! We slept until 10 AM in the morning! Once we woke up we decided to spend the time around the resort itself and then at the Happy Hub! At the Happy Hub, there was a magic show being presented by a gentleman and it was exciting to view this event! There were a few games played together with other guests and families over there! We clicked some more snaps at the swimming pool area!

Then after some time we merrily enjoyed a buggy ride around the property! The same evening at “The Ripples” there was a lavish array of food items for a buffet for guests and items specifically for the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi such as delish Deserts which were laid out at the buffet counter! Plenty of guests were pleased with the buffet but we preferred to dine at “The Amara” to taste the flavor of exotic Pan Asian cuisine!

Then late evening we went to “The Amara” restaurant where we were first told about the Menu items by Ms.Sumi and Mr.Brij who were members of staff serving at the dinner table and they were even present at the Bar counter. I ordered two pitchers of Pina Colada a Mocktail without much alcohol made out of fresh coconut milk and Pineapple!! !! I even ordered dishes from the Menu like Pixian Gong Bao Chicken which was wok-tossed chicken with pixian chilly, nuts, Sichuan Pepper, and Dry Red chilly! A Vietnamese Prawn dish in Fresh Mint Chilly which included wok-tossed prawns with a sharp herb flavor of mint and chilly was ordered by me!

Then we even included “Kai Yang” a dish made of freshly ground spices and herbs infused with chicken grilled and served with “Nam Jim Jeaw” - a Thai Chilly Dipping Sauce. It was an occasion to celebrate both, Prateek’s and Mom’s birthdays this month. When the Executive Sous Chef – Mr. Anwar Khan heard that I write Travel Diaries and that we were at the resort to celebrate this grand occasion tonight he approached us and mentioned he would bring to us special items off the menu list which to be certain would perk up our spirits!

This as he said included “Raw Mango Salad”, a soup “Burmese Khao Suey”, made out of Lemon Grass, Vegetable Stock, Turmeric and Coconut Milk and an “Edamime Truffle Dimsum” made of steamed chicken! We clicked some more interesting pictures at the hotel built with wooden flooring and had mellow lighting facility. There were other guests too at “The Amara” enjoying their time! Wow! When the dinner arrived on our table we were pretty fascinated to devour these lovely dishes and when the complimentary dessert came our way unexpectedly this time we enjoyed a “Cranberry Cheesecake”, “Walnut Chocolate Brownie” and a “White Chocolate Blondie”!

Our Chef called out all of his team members i.e, Mr.Mukesh Singh, Mr. Raghavendra Pisse, Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Mr. Sunil Tanti and Mr. Raj Arora who posed along with us for a memorable photograph! Mr. Anwar said he works together with his team which is very skillful and much fascinated with culinary pursuits! The dinner tonight was very delicious and the occasion too was marvelous! Now post a heavy dinner we were all off to doze in our cozy beds! However, Prateek watched the TV late until midnight!

Early morning next day all of us woke up at 10 AM! This morning we again entered a Buggy with our luggage towards the Reception area to checkout and the driver Mr. Dutta Pattare, a gentle person even wished us a warm and happy journey! After a blissful stay at the resort Prateek had to drive all of us back to Pune and he had to be mindful of the curve of the roads!

Early morning the next day we caught a cab to the nearest railway station to board the Goa Express Train back home to Goa! The train ride back home was enjoyable! I will be eager to venture into another pristine property of the Club Mahindra Resorts the next time with my family! I know unquestionably the next time too our trip to another Club Mahindra Resort will show potential as when we take vacations we would love to visit as many places as we can!