A Storytelling Contest for Kids with Guppy Stories

Published by Community Manager on 19 December 2023

A Storytelling Contest for Kids with Guppy Stories


Stories are a powerful medium that can shape minds. There is something about storytelling that arrests our attention. Children, especially, love listening to stories. It helps spark their power of imagination and leaves them intrigued with many things.

As a parent, you would surely love to share all the stories that you heard from your parents and grandparents, right? And as you narrate those stories of fairies, saints, kings and queens, it would bring back the sweet memories to your mind. Such is the power of stories; they leave a forever impression on your minds. And, you can be sure that it would do the same to your loved ones.

If your children too are fond of stories and not just listening to them but also have an imaginative mind to make their own stories, you must encourage their skill and talent and let them immerse themselves in their imaginary world. Also, you can give them a chance or a platform to express their minds and share their stories with the world.


If you are wondering how? Well, at Club Mahindra, we have collaborated with Guppy Stories, one of the leading story gaming apps in India. It is an app that lets kids immerse themselves in the big adventure, create their own stories, and give it a twist and turn of their choice.

The app provides a safe space for children to express their minds freely and lets their young, imaginative minds take centre stage. It also lets them expand their thinking skills and share their beautiful creations with loved ones.

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Guppy storytelling contest for all

At Club Mahindra, we are always motivated to make the holiday experience better for our member guests and their families. And, Guppy Storytelling contest is one such innovative initiative to let our kid members have a fun and memorable holiday experience at our resorts.


During your holidays, you can let your child participate in this contest and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. The contest would be the stepping stone for your child’s future as a master storyteller. It could potentially help you and your little one realise their skill and innate talent and pursue it further as a career option in the future.


To participate in the contest, you need to download the app on your phone. Once you download the app, you can make an account for your children so that you can keep the stories saved and also see the published status of the same.

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How does the contest work?

Once you download the app, click on the create a new story option, and you will find several packs, i.e., story themes. There are many options like nature, beach, jungle, time travel, etc. You can help your child choose the pack or theme they like the most as per their interest.

Once you select the pack, it is time to start telling the stories. But first, you must pick a few important things:


  • Firstly, like the characters/things in your story. For example, if you choose a beach theme, you must pick what or who all are in your story, let say for your beach story, you pick dolphin.
  • Next, you must pick the location where the story takes place; it could be at a resort or by the beachside.
  • You also must choose when the story happens, that is, during the day, night, in the monsoon or winter season
  • Lastly, you need to choose what is in your story, the other things, like for instance in a beach-side story, it could be a backpack, a crab or a lighthouse.

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Once you have made the choices, click on ‘continue to record’ and you would be directed to a page where you can record the story through audio, video, photos or text. You can choose any option to record the story and submit it.


Specifically Chosen Themes


To make the content interesting, fun and challenging for the kids, we have chosen specific packs or themes. All these themes are related to our resort locations near the beach, jungle or in the mountains. Even the choice of characters, and location are carefully chosen to make the story telling exciting for our genius young minds.


A contest that lets your child have fun and unleash their talent

Often children don’t realise their hidden skills until they are given a chance to do it. The Guppy Storytelling contest by Club Mahindra is one such effort to let the children realise their true potential, bring out their natural flair and talent for storytelling. While it is great fun to make fun stories and create imaginary situation, it helps your child’s imagination take flight.

Don’t forget, there is a prize attached to the contest. So, encourage your child to participate in this exciting content and you could be the lucky winner of some exciting prize. Also, you may realise you have a genius at home, and that is an ultimate prize as a parent!


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A Storytelling Contest for Kids with Guppy Stories
A Storytelling Contest for Kids with Guppy Stories