An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Published by Community Manager on 03 February 2021

An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Food is symbolic of love, even when words fall short… Hence, the path to love is often not through the mind or heart, but the taste buds! And, in honour of this thought, Club Mahindra has put together a colourful list of some its signature dining experiences that will elevate your Valentine’s Day to the next level. So, come take this culinary journey with us. We’ll be starting on the beach and ending at the barbeque pit!

Beach Banquets

This Valentine’s Day, travel to a place where the stars kiss the ocean and the sand hugs the shores! Club Mahindra Puducherry resort’s Finz Restaurant sits against the backdrop of the enchanting, moon-lit beach. Here, the air tingles with scintillating aromas of crab curry, clove roasted fish and prawn masala. Candlelight sets the entire open-air eatery aglow, casting golden flecks on happy faces. As you savour a delectable meal of grilled seafood, let the symphony of the windswept waves transport you to a land of eternal passion!

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Riverside Repasts

Yearning for an idyllic setting that will bring a glint to his eye or twinkle to her smile? Well, nothing spells love quite like a serene dining experience by the whooshing Kosi River! Our amazing chefs use regional spices to whip up delicacies such as Bhatt ki churkani with a whole lot of heart! So, prepare to have a conversation over soulful food such as Baadi – a rich lentil dish. Tuck into the magic of Pahadi dishes that are sure to romance your palate. Club Mahindra Corbett resort’s fairy-tale riverside, amidst hills and forests, invites you to a day of love!

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Poolside Feasts

Dive into love, with Club Mahindra’s charming poolside dinners. Picture this, a sparkling blue pool nestled on a manicured lawn, lit up by bright floodlights. A lovely table laden with delights such as spicy-sweet Pandi Curry or Mutton Rassa… This is precisely the kind of ambience you will be treated too! Unwind by the dazzling pool, our dining options will leave you gobsmacked! Entwine your fingers, look into each other’s eyes and relish a scrumptious buffet or Ala-carte meal. From Virajpet to Mahabaleshwar and Puducherry, you may choose between several of our finest resorts to make the most of your Valentine’s Day!

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Dhani Delights

Demystify the meaning of love with Club Mahindra Jodhpur resort! Our heritage resorts promise to infuse the air with notes of understanding and trust. Curious to know how? With the traditional Dhani dining experience, of course. This is when the husband cooks a special meal for his wife, with the help of Club Mahindra chefs. Relax in an authentic dhaba style courtyard as your partner dices, chops, kneads and blends. As the delicious fragrance of Ker Sangri Sabzi makes its way to you, guess the ingredients that went into it! There’s no greater love than the love for food. And, when he/she makes that special effort to cook, isn’t that just beautiful?

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Raja Rani Treats

If not every day, why not feel like royalty on Valentine’s Day? Treat the Queen of your heart to a night of her dreams! To mark this momentous occasion, we believe that couples should be pampered and spoiled. So, move beyond traditional settings of love and embrace the novel. At our resort in Kumbhalgarh, you can dine like the opulent rulers of ancient Rajasthan. Immerse yourself in a wonderous terrace set-up overlooking the majestic Aravali Mountain ranges. Let your belly befriend exquisite dishes such as Laal Maas, Daal Bati Churma and Kair Sangari!

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Bonfire Spreads

The crackling of a bonfire is symbolic of the flames of love. Celebrate your love whilst snuggling up against a hearty bonfire at Club Mahindra Munnar or Dharamshala. Let the rich flavours of Himachali food indulge your every whim and fancy! Spend Valentine’s Day romancing vast open skies, dotted with silver stars. Needless to say, you will also be wooing your taste buds!

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Organic Farm Experiences

Ever strolled through an organic farm, only to feast on a sumptuous meal made by the very same ingredients? It is a multi-sensorial experience that we vouch for wholeheartedly! So, spend a magical evening exploring Club Mahindra Kanha resort’s aromatic pasture. Marvel at the gleaming fruits and vegetables, after which a spectacular menu of Bamboo Biriyani and Bhopali Gosht Korma will leave you awe-struck. Hubby in hand or wifey on board, this makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration!

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Open Grill Surprises

Treat your better half to a little bit of braised and glazed with the art of barbequing. Watch meats and vegetables form a union with the grill atop your table! Choose from a selection of rich north Indian dishes that will make him or her fall deeper in love, with food. And you! Club Mahindra’s exceptional resorts in Varca, Madikeri, Coorg and Kandaghat are home to the smoky, saucy – Barbeque Bay restaurant. As the skewers sizzle, flames flicker and hues crackle invitingly, start your own little feast. Here, messiness is encouraged as is silliness.

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Lawn Extravaganzas

Welcome to a world of song and dance at our Udaipur resort! Bask under a magnificent tent, courtesy of our plush emerald green lawn that frames the property majestically. Let the sweeping views of mountains nuzzle you from all sides. This is your chance to dine under the violet night sky, with your significant other. So, make your way through a hot Rajasthani buffet that comprises of curries, pickles, special breads and desserts! Enjoy the melodious tunes and graceful moves of traditional Rajasthani folk performers who provide exotic, fascinating entertainment for the night.

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Lakeside Marvels

If you’re dreaming of a peaceful evening by the lake, just like in your favourite romantic films, head to Club Mahindra Naukuchiatal resort! Our exclusive dinners designed for two feature the gorgeous Naukuchiatal Lake in all its luminous glory. Retreat to the sprawling terrace, where a live barbeque promises some scrumptious eats such as Ras-Bhaat and Aloo Gutuk. On this day of love, date the stunning sceneries and blow kisses to the crisp, fresh air above!

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Are you inspired to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our abode of happiness? No matter which resort you choose from, we have a special dining experience waiting for you. Also, several of these magical experiences are available throughout the year. So, members come and commemorate other milestones like anniversaries or birthdays too! Mountain, desert, forest and shore… come indulge in food, fun and a kind of love you’ve never experienced before!


Have you ever had an experience like this? Share your travel diary with us, we’d love to hear from you!

An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!
An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!
An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!
An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!
An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!
An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!
An ode to love through food – Happy Valentine’s Day!