Announcing the winners of Hint Your Vacation contest

Published by Community Manager on 18 January 2022

Announcing the winners of Hint Your Vacation contest

At Club Mahindra Community, we love bringing unique fun activities that help our members express their creativity and come up with some really interesting responses. Recently, we organized the "Hint Your Vacation Contest" which got us some very quirky entries. The activity in the contest required the participants to share the name of their next holiday destination with us. BUT without giving away the name directly. What they had to do was come up with some imaginative hints that revealed the destination in an indirect, smart and humorous way. As always, the members left us awestruck and we received some really incredible entries. After much deliberation, we chose 3 entries as the winners and awarded them 500 Trip Coins each.

Here are the winning entries –

Rahul Shah

This time I want to walk through the Lanes of Private Estate. Then want to Pluck, Store, Blend, Roast, Cool, Grind the same into small particles in guidance of Staff. And then want to have Smell & Taste with Small amount of Milk & Little Sugar ! And Enjoy the same with Family ? Any Guess of what I am Referring too? Hint: See the Pic ?

Vishwas Langer

Wnat to visit where I can get the result of my riddle below What am I? I'am red but I'm not a ? light I'am sweet but I'm not an M&M ????? I'm sometimes in a jam but I'm not a ? during rush hours I'm a fruit but I'm not ?? I'm often a flavour of yogurt but u not a ?. We love them and my kids enjoy picking them and also ride horses and camel at sunset around lake.


Rangarajan Soundararajan

When I step up, the sky is just an arm length away.....and when I put my foot down, I need to shake (Sheikh) off the golden dust.....

With this, the Hint Your Vacation Contest has come to an end. We thank all the participants for sharing such amazing entries and congratulate the winners on grabbing the rewards. At Club Mahindra Community, you will always find such interesting activities for you to participate in and win big. So, stay tuned!

Even right now, we are hosting another exciting contest: Resolutions 2022 Contest. Why don't you check it out, participate and win some Trip Coins? Click here to participate!

Announcing the winners of Hint Your Vacation contest
Announcing the winners of Hint Your Vacation contest