Announcing the winners of the #MemeIt Contest

Published by Community Manager on 26 July 2022

Announcing the winners of the #MemeIt Contest

At Club Mahindra, we aim to make our members' lives fun and exciting, both offline and online. As a result, we make every effort to fill the Club Mahindra Community with entertaining and interactive activities, such as the #MemeIt contest that was organized in May. This contest was all about our members meme-fying a given image with catchy travel-related captions, and what a fun ride it was!

Though it was a hard task to choose the winner, we finally managed to zero in on one Meme Master who won 500 Trip Coins! Here is the winning meme and some other interesting entries -

Our winning member is Mr. Arunkumar Desai whose entry read "Congratulations? you get complimentary Nights and RCP points at Club Mahindra?".

Well, what he said turned out to be true as he has won 500 Trip Coins which can be redeemed for Resort Credit Points which can be used on his next holiday!

We would like to mention some of the other entries which may have not won a prize but did win our hearts:

  • Delicious food waiting as club Mahindra – by Mr. Jaiwardhan Saraswat
  • Hey, with Club Mahindra I am a 5 star traveler ! #MemeIt - by Mr. Sachin Patankar
  • Me waiting for COVID-19 to pass, So I can go back to Club Mahindra resorts. - by Mr. Anupama V
  • Vacation Mode Activated ?? - by Ms. Ruchi Malhotra
  • Ja Simran ja. Jeele club Mahindra - by Ms. Shubhangee Sakhare

And if you were one of those who missed out on this contest, worry not! Club Mahindra Community brings new fun contests every month. In fact, this month's #MyFavClubMahindraHoliday Contest is already LIVE. Participate in it and you too can win loads of Trip Coins. Click here to participate!


Announcing the winners of the #MemeIt Contest
Announcing the winners of the #MemeIt Contest