Announcing winners of Resolutions 2022 Contest

Published by Community Manager on 16 February 2022

Announcing winners of Resolutions 2022 Contest

At Club Mahindra Community, we are always looking for ways and means to keep the buzz of excitement ringing. So, when 2022 kicked in, we thought the best way to begin the new year is by organizing a new fun contest. And Resolutions 2022 Contest came into being. In case you’ve missed out on this contest, the below will give you a fair idea of what all went on during the contest. Read on...

Resolutions 2022 Contest was a one-of-a-kind competition for the members of Club Mahindra. It asked them to share a new year's resolution that will benefit the whole world in one way or another, making it a better place to live for everyone.

It soon turned into one huge excitement. Enthusiastic and active members began participating and sharing their unique resolutions. While some resolved to be a better person, others resolved to bring a change in the community and the world. While some decided to do something for the kin of our fallen soldiers, others decided to spread a smile wherever they go.

  • Like, take for instance Mr. Prem who wrote, “I have resolved to use 3R in my life. That is reduce, recycle and reuse." Three simple words, yet so encouraging to one and all to follow in his footsteps.
  • Abhijit, another member wrote, “I will donate a good amount to the Army Central Welfare Fund. My small gesture will directly benefit the widow's / next-of-kin of our Soldiers & Bravehearts, who most selflessly lay down their precious lives, almost every day on the frontiers.” Reading such strong resolutions of our members were very inspiring and encouraging that a sense of pride and honour was growing in us.
  • Then, there were some like Amisha who wrote, “Convince 10 people during the year for platelet donation as the platelet count donated is 5x more than the blood donation in a single sitting.’
  • Sharad resolved to, “Instead of wasting money on unwanted things, from that amount I will provide food to needy people. Not shop or buy a pet, rather spend that money adopting a few strays in my area and feed them daily”.

Now that our members have shared their fantastic resolutions, the ball was on our court. Frankly speaking, it was one tough job on our hands. With such thoughts and noble ones that too, it was almost next to an impossible task to choose the winners. Every thought had merit. Every thought impacted the world around us in a mighty way. But then, we had to declare the winners as it was a contest after all. After carefully reading and analyzing each one of them, we deliberated hard and picked the winners, whose resolutions stood them out. These winners will each get 500 Trip Coins.


  • AMEYA wrote, “I have made 2 specific resolutions for 2022 keeping the community and environment in mind. These were some learnings from COVID 19 pandemic for all human beings. 1. To avoid excess consumption of everything. To consume only as much as required in order to keep them available for others as well. 2. I took a Club Mahindra membership on 1st January 2022. This was a specific initiative to help boosting this industry in my own tiny way. The pandemic severely affected this industry.”
  • MEENU wrote, “My resolution to create a "jungle" back of my agricultural land in eastern UP and allow, rather return the nature to have plants, trees, animals, inspect, birds to grow & live and even I would go & spend some time together. My mistake that I was thinking that is my land but this belong to all creature of world & mother nature and this is my return to mother nature. Conversion will start this year and would take time (may be 5 to 7 years) to create a jungle but believe would be worth spending a different life altogether and my contribution to mother nature.”

As much as the Resolutions 2022 Contest saw great participation within the community, there were some who could not participate. But to those who missed out this time, there is nothing to feel disheartened or worried about. The year has just begun and we have plenty of exciting contest to take part in. Always stay tuned to the Club Mahindra Community!

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Announcing winners of Resolutions 2022 Contest
Announcing winners of Resolutions 2022 Contest