Bringing us closer in Coorg

Shared by Dhritimon on 21 February 2019

Bringing us closer in Coorg

Family trips are not a regular with our family, as my husband and I, both work. Our daughters, Rhia, 21 and Diya, 14 were in school when we bought the Club Mahindra membership. We started off with a white studio membership back in 2011, and upgraded to a red studio membership.

One of our best trips was the one at Madikeri, Coorg. The property, as always, was beautiful. Surrounded by lush green trees and the strong aroma of fresh coffee brewing, the experience was surreal. Living amidst nature, breathing fresh air every morning just felt refreshing. My younger daughter and I would take early morning walks along the property, picking flowers that fell from the trees. My husband enjoyed the fresh coffee, every morning, surprisingly he didn't have any tea throughout our stay! It was a good break for our family, since we don't take many holidays due to school and work leave issues.

The most memorable moment at Coorg was when all four of us took part in their adventure sports. They activity involved walking on ropes from tree to tree, a short zip line and some more rope walking. Neither of us had done something like this before, and we were hesitant at first. However, the activity in-charge gave assured us of our safety and assisted my younger one and me throughout, as we were the most terrified. By the end of it, all four of us were enjoying so much, we actually wanted to do it again, but we had more lined up that day!

Later that day we visited the Dubare Elephant Camp. There was an option to cross the river by a boat or walk on the stones ‑ and since the four of us had adventure written all over us, we chose the stones. The walk sure was tricky, but we enjoyed slipping and tripping in the water. My daughters were fast as ever, crossing and jumping from stone to stone, and it was a treat for us to see them do that, as we don't get to do this back in Bombay. We also met a lovely family with a daughter as old as my younger one and a son even younger. Upon reaching the camp, we got to bathe the elephants. My daughters were in awe as the only time they had ever seen an elephant was probably in a zoo on a school trip. The baby elephant was our favourite!

This trip was a great way to bond with my family. Owing to my husband and my schedules, we usually cannot give the girls enough time, but at Club Mahindra we bond a little more than we usually do. Even just being at the resort is enough, as they have so much to do at the activity centre. My girls choose to paint pots and do craft, while my husband and I give Salsa a shot!

To put it in a nutshell, Club Mahindra has changed the definition of holidays for us as a family.

Bringing us closer in Coorg