Club M Select - Enjoy the Privileges Like Mahhi Vij

Published by Community Manager on 10 June 2019

Club M Select - Enjoy the Privileges Like Mahhi Vij

It’s known that Club Mahindra members are a pampered lot! Fine dining at our restaurants, awesome adventure activities and many exciting experiences in and around the resort, are some of the experiences you have been enjoying.

Do you know that even when you're not on a holiday, you can enjoy similar experiences? Courtesy Club M Select - all you need to do is join the club and unlock a whole new world of exclusive experiences!

We sent Mahhi Vij, the very talented and beautiful actress, an invite to join Club M Select. She was so excited about her Club M Select invite, watch her as she unboxes her special package from Club Mahindra

With every page turn of the invite, Mahhi is delighted to discover ways of fulfilling her special wishes with Club M Select.

Being an avid foodie, finding a card that avails her discounts of up to 25% in five star restaurants, is great news. She makes immediate plans to reserve a table for two, at her most desired rooftop restaurant.

She flips the page to discover discounts of up to 40% at over 4 lakh hotels and resorts across the world. But, the biggest surprise is the exclusive offer on international cruises. Mahhi is already making plans for the European cruise she always wished to go with her family.

Next she discovers about the 15% discount on yacht and scuba diving experiences, and can’t express her delight as much!

Being a Club M Select member is like having a key to wonderful experiences, which you can unlock at any time you wish. Explore the world of Club M Select like Mahhi did, and start living the privileged life.

With a Club Mahindra membership unlock a whole new world of experiences and enjoy vacationing with your family.