Enjoy a Fun Weekend at Imagica

Published by Community Manager on 24 January 2023

Enjoy a Fun Weekend at Imagica

They say, ‘every day is a gift.’ But, some days, especially Saturday and Sunday, are perhaps the best gift you can have. Don’t we all wait for that seemingly elusive weekend through the week to enjoy spending time with your loved ones? Well, if you typically spend a weekend lazing around the house, cooking a special meal, or going out for dinner with kids, why not change that up and do something fun and exciting? Why not plan a weekend gateway to Imagica Theme Park and Imagica Water Park?


Apart from the fun and frolic riding the various rides, if you are a member, a special stay awaits you’re here. So, packs your bags, get your swimwear, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotions, and head off to the most fun-filled weekend gateway you have had. To help you make the most of your visit, we will help you prepare your itinerary.


Day 1 – Enjoy Splashing in the water at Imagica Water Park


Start your day early, and reach the Imagica Water Park early, preferably before 10 am. The park doors open to the public at 10.30, and it would give you enough time to relax and have some breakfast before you can start your day and enjoy non-stop fun.


A word of advice: make sure you eat light, as many thrilling rides away you. The gravity-defying loops and mat racers can test your guts, and the twists and turns may make you feel like throwing up. There are more than 14 slides with varying degrees of thrill and fun. So, there is enough for you to keep going until you feel tired.


After a fun first session till noon, take a little break and head to one of the many restaurants inside the water park to fuel up again for another round of adventure rides. Again, it is best to eat light as the rides replete with sudden twists and unexpected turns will not only make you scream and test your health.


With all the adrenaline rush you experience throughout the day, you can call it a night with a smile by retreating at the Novotel Imagicaa hotel, located close to the theme park. As a Club Mahindra member, you can enjoy a stay here and keep the fun going through the night. There is an indoor gaming facility where you can play a game of chess or table tennis or take a relaxing dip in the pool and sip your favourite beverage.


You can also ease those tense muscles and rejuvenate by pampering yourself with a soothing massage and getting ready for an even more exciting day 2.


Day 2 – Enjoy more adrenaline rush at the Imagica Theme Park


If you thought day one was fantastic, more fun, excitement and crazy rides await you on Day 2. After a light breakfast at the hotel, make your way to the famed Imagica Theme Park, which boasts many rides for families/adults, kids, and indoor shows, events, and performances that will keep you amused and entertained all day!


As you enter the park, take a stroll, and stop to watch the pulsating performances and sizzling acts by boom-boxers, jugglers and magicians. You can also head to the Asiana section and be thrilled by the jaw-dropping stunt show. You can also enjoy having ice cream with your kids at one of the kiosks.


After spending a couple of hours watching all the shows and performances, prepare yourself to get into the high-octane, scream-inducing rides such as Deep Space, Scream Machine, Happy Wheels, DARE 2 DROP, Gold Rush Express, Magic Carousel and more. End your day at the theme park catching your breath and reliving the fun and exciting moments while having a quick bite.


If you think your day is over, we have the best for the last. Head to the snow park in the evening to unwind and chill, quite literally! Enjoy playing with snowballs and clicking pictures inside the igloo and with penguins, wearing the special warm costume and the trip on a high.


So, there you go, you have a well-planned weekend holiday guide for you to have a whale of a time at the Imagica Theme Park and the Water Park.

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Enjoy a Fun Weekend at Imagica
Enjoy a Fun Weekend at Imagica