Go the Club Mahindra Way Disconnect to Reconnect.

Published by Community Manager on 10 June 2019

Go the Club Mahindra Way Disconnect to Reconnect.

Life is in the now. However, most of it is lost in the nonstop swiping and scrolling we indulge in at all times. Devices that were invented to keep us connected to our loved ones, at any time, have taken us away instead.

A vacation is meant for relaxing and bonding with each other, but we end up spending time with devices instead.  

Are Your Little Ones Addicted?

Kids are the most addicted to devices. Tablets, mobiles, give them anything with a screen and they are instantly in love with the device. You never know how the day wears off, with your little ones glued to their screens, playing games and watching videos.

They refuse to go out and play with real friends, their tablets are their best buddies. Be warned - that’s an indication of device addiction!

Lead by Example

Parents must lead by example. So often we are oblivious to this new kind of digital behavior, that we don’t realize when it turns into an addiction. Kids imitate their parents, which means there is hope. You can lead by example – stay away from devices and make more time for your family.

Indulge in fun activities together, and choose your Club Mahindra resort to enjoy your vacation with your family.

Club Mahindra Resorts, to the Rescue!

A Club Mahindra holiday is different. It gets you to disconnect so you can reconnect – with the love of your life, with the apple of your eye, with bountiful nature, or just reconnect with your own self. Sometimes, it is important to switch off your devices to be able to switch on family experiences.

Our vacation planning team ensures all ground is covered – there is rejuvenation of mind, body and soul so you and your kids stay miles away from a device!

Amazing Destinations - For starters, we are located at breathtakingly beautiful places. You will get swayed easily by the natural beauty. A far cry from their usual fast paced urban lives makes our members get into holiday mode. In place of the tablets and the smartphones, families are seen experiencing the new!

The Resort – Life at our resorts is so full of energy, excitement and good food. It is a known fact that great food is the secret of great bonds. Our chefs always ensure the food on your table is made with special care, and spiced up with a sprinkling of love, so the taste lingers on much after. Wherever you visit us, you will taste the flavours of the region in your taste buds.

Savour these moments of pure bliss with good food and a family to share it with, and you will have forgotten your device, we can bet on that!

HappyHub - Our activity centers are always brainstorming towards keeping your family happily engaged in learning new and exciting creative stuff. Be it glass painting, towel origami, pottery, or carnival mask making sessions, these are skills learnt happily by the young as well as the old.

Salsa dance sessions for couples, creative games for kids, cookery sessions on local cuisine for the ladies, fresh ideas are always up our sleeves – to keep you and your kids away from devices!

Spa - You can always indulge in a little self-care. Our spas are equipped with the best amenities and therapists for a complete mind and body relaxation. It is not surprising to see many of our members looking light and happy after a spa therapy. They certainly don’t feel the need to check their smartphone anytime soon!

A Club Mahindra vacation is always different. You will never go back without reconnecting with each other, and nature.

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