Good offer was given for upgrading Club Mahindra membership

Shared by Anoop on 15 October 2022

Good offer was given for upgrading Club Mahindra membership

I used to hold 10-year bliss membership before. I found that it is good to invest in a 25-year membership as money value is diminishing. An old person at 50 or 60 is not going to buy 25-year membership. But young people might not hesitate in their 30s or 40s.

As there were offers running on the silver jubilee of Club Mahindra when the executive consulted me I didn't hesitate to upgrade. I was given 6 nights complimentary along with 6000rs as vouchers. I upgraded to white 25 years because, I could book vacations in blue, white seasons, and also 1uped red season as well.

This almost covers 90% of days in a year. The behavior of the territory manager of Munnar who offered it was also pleasing. The annual maintenance fee is also the same for both blue and white membership holders. Hence only difference is the initial pay. The pending days that were unused for the last 3 years which I didn't utilize due to Covid were also converted to white. But the terms were kept the same.

I took my membership in 2019 just before covid hence even after upgrading, my membership will expire in 2044. The voucher points when used to claim food, I felt like I am having free complimentary dinner and breakfast for my family. They all enjoyed it. When we are traveling where else we can have food that is of high quality and will not hinder travel schedules?

I don't know whether the sliver jubilee discount offer is still available for others, I would recommend all the existing members to avail of the benefit. In fact Club Mahindra is keeping on adding resorts both in India and abroad ever since the covid was over. My only suggestion to Club Mahindra is since it was Covid and people couldn't really plan for vacation for 3 years, membership for all should be extended by 3 years.


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Good offer was given for upgrading Club Mahindra membership