How to holiday in Goa during monsoon

Shared by Mahesh on 26 July 2022

How to holiday in Goa during monsoon

Goa during the monsoon might seem like a paradox, but it's really during these seasonal rain showers that the state begins to come to life, breathe and grow. This time of year- between June to August- displays an entirely different Goa altogether.

A Goa that extends beyond the expansive beaches, adventurous water sports and seafood delights. As a family, we've had the opportunity to stay at Club Mahindra's Varca property in Goa a few times, but nearly always during the peak time between December-January. This year, we stayed at the resort in mid-July, which was an entirely different experience.

Day at Club Mahindra The resort makes it convenient to spend time at the beach, as the property is connected to Varca via a small bridge, which also makes for a great photo spot. Our days began with an early breakfast buffet. Club Mahindra doesn't disappoint here with a gamut of eatables available for guests. There's the live dosa counter, eggs made before your eyes, Club Mahindra's buffet classics like aloo parathas and puri-bhaji, pastries, baked beans, juices, fruits and Jain options too.

During the monsoon, we realised that the rains occurred mainly post lunch. This worked out perfectly for us, as mornings could be spent at the beach. Since it was off-season, we could enjoy the sea and sand without crowds of people around us. It was quieter and more peaceful. The sounds of the waves replaced the noise of chatter. Sometimes, a light drizzle greeted us while we dipped our legs in the sea, providing respite from the day's heat- we weren't complaining at all! Afternoons were lazy, as the sumptuous meals at the Waterfield Cafe made us drowsy.

Even so, a stroll around the entire resort, umbrella in hand, was the perfect way to pass the time. Evenings were reserved for a relaxing swim, especially with interactive activities organised by the club for guests. We also relished hot pakoras, chaat and a barbeque spread (with veg options) on many evenings.

One of the most unique experiences includes the Svaastha spa- the massage is rejuvenating and Goa provides the perfect backdrop for it. Also, the club organises a tour of Goa, where guests can use an e-bike to explore the state and soak in all the local culture. There are guides who accompany you as you visit a Goan village, explore the Portuguese culture, visit different beaches, churches and interact with locals. The experience in the monsoon had a different flavour altogether- bird watching was an unplanned activity that we engaged in during one of our afternoon strolls. The staff went out of their way to make guests feel comfortable. The balconies in the rooms served as a vantage point for enjoying the view. Sometimes, experiencing a frequented place in a new season is almost as good as visiting a new place altogether.

If you dare to do that, make that place Goa, and make it in the monsoon!