Kissed by the lockdown - Book review

Shared by Bhavna on 14 February 2023

Kissed by the lockdown - Book review

The title fascinated me a lot. I also loved the reason that made the author write this book..It's encouraging! Look what she has to say and why I found it amazing. In a current scenario of exploding change due to COVID-19, where social life is crumbling, a new way of life has emerged on the horizon. Whether we know it or not, most of us are engaged in creating something.

I chose to write down KISSED BY THE LOCKDOWN. As they say, what, where, when, and how - all events are predestined. So, when on 24th March 2020, the National lockdown came into being, I saw many latent talents resurfacing with a passion for cooking as the most common fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Home chefs ruled the roost. I also dialed up my sensory appeal to focus on my inner urge to write a cookbook, and that is how KISSED BY THE LOCKDOWN was born! I owe many of my magical experiences to the dreams that I chase. Writing a cookbook was one of them.

The book has recipes that have been tried and tested in my bright, sunny, and spacious kitchen and evolved through practice. It’s my first cookbook. The lens is more on the destination towards which this change is carrying me, and I see a dazzlingly fresh light appear. I hope this book helps you too to choose your destination and see a new light. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

Although I earned my master’s degree in Anthropology and devoted six years to cancer research, I cannot claim to be either an Anthropologist or a Pathologist. One would ask why then I chose to write a cookbook when I do not hold a degree in culinary art! Well, I just imbued my work to recapture the creative impulse I remember from childhood and tried to add layers of meaningful statements to it. I do believe innate creative urge and power within needs no ivory tower.

With my profession in writing, I wanted to give expression to the joy I derive in creating culinary delights. This cookbook is an attempt to celebrate my artistic dream to see the sunshine of reality. Before I pan out the book contour, may I, “O my lovely readers,” ask you a simple question! Do you like to host social gatherings and bring smiles to your guests? Do your loved ones love to savor food with a creative blend? Do you want genuine and honest compliments? Can you link those compliments to what you genuinely feel about yourself? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then let me assure you need no magic wand to make magic happen in your kitchen.  It can happen with just a few ingredients.

Every food brings truckloads of internal satisfaction, richness in taste, and health-goodness to your plate besides giving incredible aesthetic value. With a slight tweak and plating options, your eyes are sure to feast, first! The objective of this book is to suit most tastes, fads, and fancies, and to make it simple and easy for even a beginner to follow. Instructions are clear and precise. I’ve chosen recipes that are crafted and cooked by me in my gleeful space quite often by bringing out the best from the available material. I have put in a sincere effort to bring out the desired results. It has a magical life of its own.

With all humility to possess the crown of AMUL Maharani, I being a food enthusiast, used my experiences to guide users of this book through the simple style of making and presenting with an aesthetic appeal. It’s a vegetarian cookbook with 51 recipes in totality. The use of eggs in 3 recipes is optional and marked in bold. It also has a dedicated value-addition section that lists about 100 kitchen hacks, tips for proper use of oil, nutrient care, and the weights and measurement conversion table to kick-start and eases your cooking journey.

My recipes do not subscribe to a specific dietary regimen. These recognize and embrace the way I cook. With a choose-my-own adventure delight, I created these simple, sumptuous sweets and snacks focussing on the easy, effective, and effortless method. Emphasis has been to provide a selection of dishes that are suitable for all occasions and simple to prepare without the use of any costly tools. The book showcases my favored creations. Each recipe has a stunning shot of the finished treat in all its glory. These colorful images will encourage you to experiment and offer you guidance in completing the decorative finishing touches. It is the perfect companion you will turn to whenever you want to entertain and get satisfaction all at once.

I am sure you would love to keep this book on your bedside table to refer to the recipes and gain the maximum amount of pleasure in trying these as your family and friends will - in sampling them. So, shoot for it, give yourself the best present, and stay safe!

The book is available on Kindle here