Mithaiyon Ki Bahaar awaits you

Published by Community Manager on 11 August 2022

Mithaiyon Ki Bahaar awaits you

Rajasthan has a lot to offer. It is the perfect melange of culture, tradition, and heritage. A famous travel destination, it attracts a lot of tourists. Its rich architectural history can be explored by numerous palaces and forts which offer a peek into its glorious past.

However, a trip to the royal Rajasthan is incomplete without tasting its delicacies for the Rajwadi land offers a plethora of options to please your palate. If you wish to delight your sweet tooth, head to Club Mahindra resorts in Rajasthan on the following dates for they are hosting a 4-day dessert festival, Mithaiyon Ki Bahar, in their respective resorts across August and September. With each day dedicated to a specific raw ingredient, you will be spoilt for choice.


Club Mahindra is excited to present Mithaiyon Ki Bahaar – where a plethora of traditional Indian sweets will be served to our guests at our resort during the festival.


Taste the sweet tradition of Rajasthan with us at -

  • Club Mahindra Kumbalgarh: 12th - 15th August
  • Club Mahindra Udaipur: 19th - 22nd August
  • Club Mahindra Jaipur: 26th - 29th August
  • Club Mahindra Jaisalmer: 1st - 4th September


Ready for some indulgence? Pre-book your meal as you head to our resorts.


To make your mouth water already, we would like to present the exclusive menu of this wonderful 4-Day Festival –


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Based Sweets


Based Sweets


Based Sweets


Based Sweets

Anjeer Barfi(Sugar Free)

Raj Bhog

Khoya Gulkand Barfi

Malai Ghewar

Khajoor Barfi (Sugar Free)

Kamala Bhog

Khoya Roll


Kaju Strawberry Barfi


Khoya Badam


Cashew Dry Fruit Cake

Malai Chop

Kheer Kadam


Kaju Chocolate Ball

Chhena Toast

Khoya Heart

Sweet Mathari

Kaju Paan

Pista Bhog

Khoya Corn


Kaju Sunflower

Anar Chop

Khoya Mango Barfi


Kaju Apple

Badam Malai

Chocolate Khoya Barfi

Lavang Latika

Kaju Nashpati

Malai Roll

Mathura Peda

Maysore Pak

Kaju Strawberry  

Malai Chum Chum

Double Decker Barfi

Besan ke Laddu

Kaju Cutlet

Gajra Bahar

Khoya Patta


Kaju Merie Biscuit

Rose Malai Sandwich

Khoya Orange Barfi

Moti Pak

Anjeer King

Ginger Cream Chop

Milk Cake

Baked Boondi

Kaju Kasata

Mango Cup

Bikaneri Khoya Barfi

Gond ke Laddu



Khoya Trikon

Motichur Laddu


Now that you are intrigued enough to try out these sweet dishes, pre-book your meals here: Click here

Mithaiyon Ki Bahaar awaits you
Mithaiyon Ki Bahaar awaits you