To Two Decades with Club Mahindra

Shared by S. on 07 March 2019

To Two Decades with Club Mahindra

Travelling sure makes you a storyteller. And, travelling to picturesque locations for nearly two decades has made me a poet as well! My wife and I have truly had a wonderful journey across our beautiful country and plenty of exotic locations internationally, courtesy our membership with Club Mahindra.

My children, and then my grandchildren, my nephew, my daughter-in-law and her parents, we have had the good fortune to take all of them on magical holidays in the many Club Mahindra resorts over the years, and I must say ‘A family that travels together, stays together!’

I can still remember with much fondness, how I stood in line for the open bookings. I was the first person on the waiting list to become a member! I believe it was a combination of sheer good luck and my wish to be a part of the Club Mahindra family. By virtue of my business dealings with Mahindra, I trusted the brand. They have not let me down, I must say!

The very first resort to open was the one in Munnar, Kerala. The natural beauty of the place coupled with the spacious cottages reminiscent of Indo-British architecture was ‘love at first sight’ for me. Our room overlooking the lake amidst luscious green valleys and hills, made our stay a really memorable and special one.

Interestingly, it was also the turn of the millennium in year 2000, and we, along with other families welcomed this moment in a grand celebration at the resort. Like one never forgets their first love, our holiday in Munnar will always be close to our heart.

We have been to most resorts in the different parts of the country, and have never been let down anywhere. Another noteworthy stay for our family was at the Varca Beach resort in Goa. Our stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a wonderful one too – we had an apartment for ourselves with a Jacuzzi. It was truly great value for money too.

To add to this, my suggestions for improvement have always been welcomed by Club Mahindra, whether it was about incorporating differential pricing for members or discounts for senior citizens.

However, it must be the ‘service’ at Club Mahindra that beats everything. Our journey has been marked with many instances of good service.

My wife and I were younger when we had become members, and we also grew old over the duration of our membership, but the warmth and hospitality at every Club Mahindra resort has remain unchanged over the years. The team is always eager is help us, and cater to our special needs too. This one stay at Pondicherry will always remind us of a staff member who went the extra mile to arrange for our food. Being senior citizens, it was tough for us but the kind gentleman ensured we ate in comfort.

The ethics followed by the organization is one more quality we are highly impressed by, and make Club Mahindra a highly recommended one. Once we were shut off from a direct route to Gangtok as the roads were closed due to an avalanche. We stayed in a nearby hotel instead, and Club Mahindra was gracious enough to adjust our holidays.

Be it wonderful locations offering breathtaking sights and sounds of nature, great service or value for money, we have never been disappointed. Our family bonds have only grown stronger with every holiday, in fact we have many stories to recall and share. This Club Mahindra membership is one investment that has been a good value for money and given us so many precious returns!